Anthony Reeves


Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Director, Program in Philosophy, Politics and Law

PhD Philosophy, Boston University, 2009

Office: LT 1217 
Personal website:


Philosophy of Law
Political Philosophy
Normative Ethics

Recent Courses

Law, Authority, and Practical Reason
Liberty and Distributive Justice
Philosophy of Law
Advanced Philosophy of Law
Social and Political Theory
Theory of International Criminal Law
International Law and Justice
Democratic Theory, Human Rights Theory

Recent and Representative Publications


"Reasons of Law: Dworkin on the Legal Decision" Jurisprudence, forthcoming.

"Standard Threats: How to Violate Basic Human Rights" Social Theory and Practice, forthcoming.

"Practical Reason and Legality: Instrumental Authority without Exclusion," Law and Philosophy, forthcoming.

"The Binding Force of Nascent Norms of International Law" Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence Vol. 27: 1 (January 2014), 145-166.

"Judicial Practical Reason: Judges in Morally Imperfect Legal Orders" Law and Philosophy Vol. 30: 3 (May 2011), 319-352.

"The Moral Authority of International Law" APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Law Vol. 10: 1 (Fall 2010), 13-18.

"Do Judges Have an Obligation to Enforce the Law?: Moral Responsibility and Adjudication" Law and Philosophy Vol. 29: 2 (March 2010), 159-87.

Curriculum vitae

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