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School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy SchoolDemolition on the School of Pharmacy site is underway and two of three buildings has been taken down. Demo is  scheduled to be complete around the beginning of March. The contract for construction will go out to bid in February with work beginning in spring. The 84,000 square-foot, four-story building will include state-of-the-art research labs, offices for faculty and staff, a lecture hall, classrooms and teaching labs. It will will house 36 new faculty and staff and 240 students.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to open in fall 2018.

Pharmacy School

Renovations to Corliss Avenue Property

Initial cleanup and securing of 48 Corliss Avenue, a building adjacent to the site of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, will begin in February. Debris will be removed and the building windows and doors will be secured. Asbestos abatement and some wall demolition will take place beginning around April. Design documents are being developed to restore the exterior of the building including masonry repairs and new windows. A new roof will also be installed. Design of interior space began in February and will take about a year to complete.

Plans call for the building to house the Decker School of Nursing along with other programs.

Future Decker School of Nursing

ITC Power Upgrade Project

ITC site utility upgradesA project to upgrade and connect the Innovative Technologies Complex to the main campus power feed is underway. The project affects a walkway from East Drive to the East Gym along with parking lots and roadways leading to the Campus Pre School and Institute for Child Development. Work will also affect the walkway leading to the bridge to ITC and Murray Hill Road. Site reconfiguration and improvements will be made in the area between the East Gym and Campus Pre School. Work will involve digging trenches, installing a duct bank, landscaping and paving. The project will provide power to the Smart Energy Research and Development facility now under construction at ITC. Work is scheduled to be complete in summer 2016.

Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Smart Energy Research and DevelopmentWork continues on phase two of the Smart Energy Research and Development Facility. Exterior work is progressing well with mild weather. The contractor is advancing a wide variety of interior projects. Electrical and mechanical work is underway and wall partitions are being built. Closer to spring, metal panels that will make up much of the building exterior will be installed along with windows.

The $70 million, 114,000 gross square-foot building will house the departments of chemistry and physics, including 56,000 net square-feet for research, 125 fume hoods and 45 faculty offices. The facility will provide room for faculty and industry scientists and engineers to work side by side to create new energy technologies and maintain and expand the regional workforce. Features include micro turbines on mechanical systems, a fuel cell to produce electricity at a reduced cost to heat and cool the building, photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce electricity, hydronic radiant heating in the floor, controlled LED lighting, individual space monitoring of chemicals to reduce air flows and energy use, and water-cooled equipment ​ ​wherever possible to conserve​​ energy. Construction will be complete in summer 2017.Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Old Digman Renovations

Old DigmanThe general contractor continues insulation and sheetrock installation in the building wings, and framing and sheetrock installation in the main lobby/entry. The plumbing contractor has begun domestic water piping in bathrooms and is continuing with sanitary tie-ins. The mechanical contractor has begun installation of flue intake/exhaust piping for the boiler and water heater. The electrical contractor is working on conduit installation in the east wing for distribution panels and transfer switches for the generator. They continue rough-ins of conduit and boxes.

The project will focus on critical maintenance of building services and deteriorated building elements. New windows and restrooms are included in the project.

The building is being returned to residential use so that the campus can begin a phased capital plan to renovate older residential halls in CIW and Hinman.

Globalization Center/Old Champlain Conversion

Construction of a 2,000 square foot entry vestibule/multi-purpose room
is scheduled to begin in March 2016 and be complete in October 2016.
Renovations to most of Old Champlain were completed in summer 2015.
Harpur advising moved into some spaces in Old Champlain in January.

Old Champlain will house Harpur advising, a Globalization Center and a Korean Center. Currently departments serving international students are scattered in various locations throughout campus. This project will help consolidate those departments under one roof.

Central Heating Plant Upgrades

Work will begin in February on a variety of upgrades to the Central Heating Plant. New pollution control equipment will be installed. Two new electrical rooms, a new control room and interior office alterations are part of the project. The bucket elevator used to
transport solid fuel will be replaced along with the chutes andhoppers. A new pollution control stack will be built. This is the second phase of upgrades to the plant with work scheduled to be complete in spring 2017.

Sidewalk Safety Projects

A number of projects took place in summer and fall 2015 to improve pedestrian safety on campus.

  • Work at the intersection of East Drive and East Access Road involved the reconstruction of curbs, sidewalks and the roadway to make a more pedestrian friendly intersection with a more clearly defined and shorter crosswalk. The reconstruction resulted in an intersection that forces vehicles to slow down.
  • Sidewalks along West Drive from the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center and wrapping up along parking lot L were removed to reduce pedestrian traffic at unmarked crossings.  The area received topsoil and was seeded.
  • Another pedestrian safety project was completed at the Science III loading dock area. Work involved removing the existing asphalt drive that leads to the loading dock, installing new sidewalks and curbs on West Drive as well as plantings to screen the dock. The project improved pedestrian safety by eliminating a vehicle/pedestrian conflict point.

Additional pedestrian safety projects will continue next year. The projects will add new sidewalks to accommodate pedestrian traffic to parking lots, planting berms to direct pedestrian traffic to crosswalks as the safest places to cross the road, and add new speed tables at the crosswalks to slow traffic down. The image below shows the areas that are the focus of the projects.

Pedestrian Safety project areas

Lecture Hall Student Wing Renovations

Lecture Hall Student Wing renovationWork is continuing on the first and second floors with installation of ceiling grid and painting of the corridors and classrooms.  The basement floor is being prepped for tiling. Mechanical work continues in the penthouse.  Upstate Furniture will do a mockup of the corridor benches.  Furniture representatives are presenting concepts for furnishings in February.

The project is taking place mostly in the Student Wing portion of the facility, though construction impacts may be apparent at times throughout the Lecture Hall/Student Wing complex.

General Project Information

  • There is fencing around the Student Wing and staging areas for materials adjacent to the Student Wing.
  • While the loading dock remains open, it will be available only for morning and scheduled deliveries.
  • Accessible access to the lower level of the Lecture Hall will be via the freight elevator only.
  • The contractor has constructed a temporary stairway from the Lecture Hall parking lot to the second floor for access to the second floor so that workers will not be going through campus occupied space.

Twenty new classrooms will be created on the first and second floors, along with break out rooms for small group work. Lounge and seating areas will also be created.
Windows throughout the facility will be replaced; staircases will be renovated; and building electrical, fire alarm and heating and ventilation systems will be updated.
Restrooms will be renovated as well.

Renovation of the basement, first and second floors will be complete in spring 2016.

Certain aspects of the project will create noise that may be heard beyond the construction area. The campus will work closely with the contractor to minimize the impact of construction activities as much as possible.

Southern Tier High Technology Incubator

Southern Tier High Technology IncubatorThe steel contractor has erected approximately 30% of the north side of the building.  Steel work will continue and depending on weather, there is a potential of completing more masonry work.    Geothermal well drilling planned in the lower parking lot later in late February, weather permitting.

The $19 million project will result in a 35,000 square-foot facility that will provide suites for high-technology companies along with laboratories and shared high-bay space for research in health sciences, energy-efficient technologies, and systems integration and packaging. The building will be constructed to a minimum LEED Silver certification level and was designed by Ashley McGraw Architects. Work is expected to be complete in spring 2016. Additional information about the project and the groundbreaking ceremony is available here.

Last Updated: 2/10/16