Construction News

Science 4 Renovation Phase 1

A project to renovate the east side of Science 4 will begin March 6 when the contractor will begin fencing the site. The project will change pedestrian traffic patterns around Science 4 and limit access to two entrances on the west and south/plaza deck side of the building. A staging map is below and can also be found here

Pedestrian traffic on the walkway between Science 4 and parking lot C is affected. Pedestrians should follow signs posted at the site to gain access to the west side of Science 4 and other points on campus. Some disabled parking spaces are being relocated from lot C due to the project.

Initial work will focus on construction of a new elevator tower and entrance along with in-fills on the north side of the building.

In general the project involves the complete renovation of the east side of Science 4 creating new facilities for psychology including laboratories, department, faculty and staff offices, restrooms and a new elevator. The building exterior will be re-clad and there will be a new entrance. Building perimeter windows and the roof will be replaced and energy efficiency will be improved. Completion of the project is scheduled for summer 2018.

Science 4 renovation

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy SchoolMetal framing is complete on the first and second floors and is progressing on the third floor. Duct work is underway on the first floor. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are moving forward in the basement. Piping for domestic water, sewer and storm water is underway in the basement and on the first floor. Electrical and fire alarm rough-ins are also moving ahead. Exterior sheathing on the first and second floors is installed. Site work is on hold until the weather improves.

The 84,000 square-foot, four-story building will include state-of-the-art research labs, offices for faculty and staff, a lecture hall, classrooms and teaching labs. It will will house 36 new faculty and staff and 240 students.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to open in fall 2018.

Pharmacy School

Renovations to Corliss Avenue Property

The program for the building has been confirmed with the Decker School of Nursing and schematic design is underway. A planning team is in place to review layouts and provide feedback on the architectural plan. Consultant selection has been completed for the structural, sprinkler and air dispersion analysis.

Initial cleanup and securing of 48 Corliss Avenue took place last year. The exterior of the building will be restored including masonry repairs and new windows. A new roof will also be installed.

Future Decker School of Nursing

 Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Smart Energy Research and DevelopmentMost work has moved to the building interior and fencing around the site has been removed. Fall saw completion of a lot of site work including construction of retaining walls, landscaping and finishing of a parking lot. Work was recently completed on the link to the Center of Excellence. Work on building finishes is ongoing. Equipment is being installed and labs are starting to be fitted out. Some site work continues when weather allows.

Work on the connecting link with the Center of Excellence is complete. The $70 million, 114,000 gross square-foot building will house the departments of chemistry and physics, including 56,000 net square-feet for research, 125 fume hoods and 45 faculty offices. The facility will provide room for faculty and industry scientists and engineers to work side by side to create new energy technologies and maintain and expand the regional workforce. Features include micro turbines on mechanical systems, a fuel cell to produce electricity at a reduced cost to heat and cool the building, photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce electricity, hydronic radiant heating in the floor, controlled LED lighting, individual space monitoring of chemicals to reduce air flows and energy use, and water-cooled equipment ​ ​wherever possible to conserve​​ energy. Construction will be complete in summer 2017.

Global Center at Old Champlain

Finish and ceiling work has begun, lights are being installed and mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is ongoing.  Terrazzo flooring is installed. Over the next two months, the metal roof, fascia, new vestibule doors, fire alarms, lights and all remaining trim and finishes will be completed. Once warm weather returns, all exterior building finishes and site work will be completed. The addition is due to be complete in  spring 2017, weather permitting.

Global Center

 Departments serving international students were scattered in various locations throughout campus. This project helps consolidate those departments under one roof.

Dickinson Storm Water Line Repairs

Two sections of damaged piping will be replaced in summer 2017. Work will begin after Commencement and be complete by the time students return for the fall semester.

Cayuga Hall Renovation

Renovations are underway at Cayuga Hall. Exterior brick repairs are complete. All asbestos removal and demo has concluded. Framing and sheet-rock work is ongoing in the north part of the building. Plumbing has been installed and shower basins are being set. In January finishing work will be underway in this area including painting of bedrooms, installation of fin tube coverings and tile work in restrooms. Spaces in the south part of the building will be framed and sheet-rocked.

The project involves asbestos abatement, renovation of 47 bathrooms including upgrades to exhaust, plumbing, electrical and power distribution systems. Lounge areas will receive new ceilings, flooring and lighting. Lights in bedrooms will be replaced, rooms and corridors will be painted and 240 new doors will be installed. Exterior masonry will be repaired. The building will be closed for a year with completion scheduled for July 2017.

Central Heating Plant Upgrades

Due to the upgrades, coal is no longer used. A new pollution control device and vertical exhaust stack have been installed. Two new electrical rooms, a new control room and interior office alterations are complete. The bucket elevator used to transport solid fuel was replaced along with chutes and hoppers.

This is the second phase of upgrades to the plant with work scheduled to be complete in 2017.

Southern Tier High Technology Incubator

Furniture began arriving in mid February.  Base along the flooring is being installed and touch up painting is occurring on all floors.  Framing and glass are being installed in the SBDC suite.  Terrazzo steps are complete on the interior stair and grand stair is sanded and coated with polyurethane. Cleaning is continuing throughout the building so air handler units can be turned on.

The $19 million project will result in a 35,000 square-foot facility that will provide suites for high-technology companies along with laboratories and shared high-bay space for research in health sciences, energy-efficient technologies, and systems integration and packaging. The building will be constructed to a minimum LEED Silver certification level and was designed by Ashley McGraw Architects. Additional information about the project and the groundbreaking ceremony is available here.

Last Updated: 2/23/17