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2017 Construction Staging Map

Science 4 Renovation Phase 1

Science 4 renovationThe foundation for the new elevator is in and asbestos abatement and demo has started on the ground floor. Windows are being removed in the north and east sides of the building.

In general the project involves the complete renovation of the east side of Science 4 creating new facilities for psychology including laboratories, department, faculty and staff offices, restrooms and a new elevator. The building exterior will be re-clad and there will be a new entrance. Building perimeter windows and the roof will be replaced and energy efficiency will be improved. Completion of the project is scheduled for summer 2018.

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy SchoolMechanical rough-ins are complete for the basement, first and second floors. Metal framing is also finished in those areas and just beginning on the fourth floor. Dry wall work has started on the first floor. The exterior vapor barrier is in place on the north and west sides of the building and brick work will be underway on the north side of the building in early May. Site work on the south side of the building will resume in early May as well.

The 84,000 square-foot, four-story building will include state-of-the-art research labs, offices for faculty and staff, a lecture hall, classrooms and teaching labs. It will will house 36 new faculty and staff and 240 students.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to open in fall 2018.

Pharmacy School

Renovations to Corliss Avenue Property

The design is being finalized with building occupants. The asbestos and selective demolition contract has been awarded and that portion of the work will be underway soon.

Initial cleanup and securing of 48 Corliss Avenue took place last year. The exterior of the building will be restored including masonry repairs and new windows. A new roof will also be installed.

Future Decker School of Nursing

 Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Smart Energy Research and DevelopmentConstruction is finishing up, systems are being turned on, and training to run the systems is underway.  Final finishes are going into place and punch lists are being developed to finish the work. Some furniture will start moving into the building soon and labs will be fitted out beginning in early May. The exterior site work has resumed and will be completed for the opening in July and full move in for the fall semester.

The $70 million, 114,000 gross square-foot building will house the departments of chemistry and physics, including 56,000 net square-feet for research, 125 fume hoods and 45 faculty offices. The facility will provide room for faculty and industry scientists and engineers to work side by side to create new energy technologies and maintain and expand the regional workforce. Features include micro turbines on mechanical systems, a fuel cell to produce electricity at a reduced cost to heat and cool the building, photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce electricity, hydronic radiant heating in the floor, controlled LED lighting, individual space monitoring of chemicals to reduce air flows and energy use, and water-cooled equipment ​ ​wherever possible to conserve​​ energy. Construction will be complete in summer 2017.

Global Center at Old Champlain

Mechanical systems have been started and are being programmed. Site work is underway including pouring of light bases and grading.

Global Center

 Departments serving international students were scattered in various locations throughout campus. This project helps consolidate those departments under one roof.

Fine Arts Air Handler Replacement Project

Work to replace air handlers in the Fine Arts Building is underway. Asbestos abatement of pipe fittings is occurring in the mechanical room. Demolition of old equipment in the mechanical room will take place after Commencement. This critical maintenance project will replace some original HVAC equipment serving the south side of the Fine Arts Building. Air quality will be improved on the first, second and third floors and will be better managed with more control points. The project will be complete in late August, 2017.

Dickinson Storm Water Line Repairs

Two sections of damaged piping will be replaced in summer 2017. Work will begin after Commencement and be complete by the time students return for the fall semester.

Cayuga Hall Renovation

Major construction has concluded and workers are focused on minor finishing work. The roof will be replaced this summer and new furnishings will be installed prior to students re-occupying the building in fall 2017.

The project involves asbestos abatement, renovation of 47 bathrooms including upgrades to exhaust, plumbing, electrical and power distribution systems. Lounge areas will receive new ceilings, flooring and lighting. Lights in bedrooms will be replaced, rooms and corridors will be painted and 240 new doors will be installed. Exterior masonry will be repaired. The building will be closed for a year with completion scheduled for July 2017.

Central Heating Plant Upgrades

Due to the upgrades, coal is no longer used. A new pollution control device and vertical exhaust stack have been installed. Two new electrical rooms, a new control room and interior office alterations are complete. The bucket elevator used to transport solid fuel was replaced along with chutes and hoppers.

This is the second phase of upgrades to the plant with work scheduled to be complete in 2017.

Last Updated: 5/17/17