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Lecture Hall/Student Wing renovations

A project to renovate the Lecture Hall/Student Wing is underway. The contractor has fenced the site and established staging areas.  Some pre-demolition work has taken place. This included replacing smoke heads with heat detectors in corridors, disconnecting data lines in the electrical room, removing remaining furniture and establishing temporary partitions. Asbestos abatement is now in progress.

The project is taking place mostly in the Student Wing portion of the facility, though construction impacts may be apparent at times throughout the Lecture Hall/Student Wing complex.

Lecture Hall Student Wing

  • There is fencing around the Student Wing and staging areas for materials adjacent to the Student Wing. See Current Staging Map
  • While the loading dock will remain open, it will be available only for morning and scheduled deliveries.
  • Accessible access to the lower level of the Lecture Hall will be via the freight elevator only.
  • The contractor will construct a temporary stairway from the Lecture Hall parking lot to the second floor for access to the second floor so that workers will not be going through campus occupied space.
  • Twenty new classrooms will be created on the first and second floors, along with break out rooms for small group work.
  • Lounge and seating areas will also be created.
  • Windows throughout the facility will be replaced; staircases will be renovated; and building electrical, fire alarm and heating and ventilation systems will be updated.
  • Restrooms will be renovated as well.

The Student Wing will be offline from January 2015 to August 2015. Over the past few months, projects created additional classroom space on campus to accommodate this renovation. The third floor Student Wing classrooms will become available for use in August 2015, with the balance of the project scheduled for completion in spring 2016.

Certain aspects of the project will create noise that may be heard beyond the construction area. The campus will work closely with the contractor to minimize the impact of construction activities as much as possible.

Lecture Hall Student WingLibrary North renovations

Library and Lecture Hall/Student Wing renovations

Work is nearing completion on renovations to the basement and second floor areas in the Library and basement and miscellaneous areas in the Lecture Hall/Student Wing. In all, more than 23,000 square-feet of space was renovated. The project is creating general and specialized classrooms, an administrative office suite, conference rooms, film/video labs and equipment storage space. This was needed in advance of dislocations that will take place due to a larger project, beginning in early 2015, to renovate much of the Student Wing.

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy SchoolGroundbreaking for the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to take place in spring 2016. The facility will be located on a 5.4 acre site in Johnson City near the UHS Wilson Medical Center. The 84,000 square-foot, four-story building will include state-of-the-art research labs, offices for faculty and staff, a lecture hall, classrooms and teaching labs. SLAM Collaborative is designing the $60 million facility which will house 36 new faculty and staff and 240 students.

The programming and concept design of the Pharmacy School is complete. Architects are about half way through the schematic design process. Later this year, buildings currently on the site will be demolished and design will be finalized.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to open in fall 2017.

Pharmacy School

Old O'Connor/Old Johnson renovation

Old O'Connor Johnson RenovationWork on the renovation of Old Johnson is complete. The Information Technology Services staff and the Geography Department have moved into their new spaces.

Renovations of Old O'Connor continue with finishing work on walls, flooring and ceilingOld O'Connor Johnson Renovation-classrooms.

The buildings are being renovated and office space created in Old Johnson for Information Technology Services and geography. Old O'Connor will house Division of Advancement functions such as the Foundation and Alumni Relations. An alumni lounge will also be created in this building. The University Counseling Center will reside in Old O'Connor.

The new connector between Old Johnson and Old O'Connor will provide a common entry for both buildings. Work on Old Johnson and the connector is due for completion in late 2014. Old O'Connor work is estimated to wrap up in spring 2015.

Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Smart Energy Research and Development FacilityThe contractor has begun installing the steel frame of the Smart Energy Research and Development Facility. Foundation, utility and site work also continues. The $70 million, 114,000 gross square-foot building will house the departments of chemistry and physics, including 56,000 net square-feet for research, 125 fume hoods and 45 faculty offices. The facility will provide room for faculty and industry scientists and engineers to work side by side to create new energy technologies and maintain and expand the regional workforce. Features include micro turbines on mechanical systems, a fuel cell to produce electricity at a reduced cost to heat and cool the building, photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce electricity, hydronic radiant heating in the floor, controlled LED lighting, individual space monitoring of chemicals to reduce air flows and energy use, and water-cooled equipment ​ ​wherever possible to conserve​​ energy. Construction will be complete in summer 2017.

Smart Energy Research and Development Facility

Old Champlain conversion

The Old Champlain renovation is progressing and the contractor has framed the walls. Rough-ins for utilities are underway and duct work is being installed. Work on plumbing for the new restrooms is in progress. Former residential rooms are being developed for office use and a classroom will also be created as a result of this project. 

NAR Collegiate Center Mechanical Systems renovation

Work is complete on the NAR renovations. The project involved a complete renovation of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center mechanical/HVAC systems. Additional work included new ceilings, flooring, lighting and painting. A new classroom was added and three exiting classrooms were updated. New landscaping was also part of the project.

Science 2 laboratory renovations

Renovation of laboratories on the second floor of the chemistry wing of Science 2 continues. A total of four labs are being renovated though only two at a time will be taken offline. Work involves asbestos abatement and demolition of existing facilities. New flooring, heating, ventilation, ceilings, power distribution, data, fume hoods and window repair and restoration is included in the scope of work. Completion is March 2015.

Southern Tier High Technology Incubator

Southern Tier High Technology IncubatorThe $19 million Southern Tier High Technology Incubator will be a 35,000 square-foot facility that will provide suites for high-technology companies along with laboratories and shared high-bay space for research in health sciences, energy-efficient technologies, and systems integration and packaging. The building will be constructed to a minimum LEED Silver certification level and is designed by Ashley McGraw Architects. Work is expected to be complete in fall 2016. Additional information about the project and the groundbreaking ceremony is available here.

Last Updated: 2/25/15