Old Digman Furniture Deliveries August 1 - August 5
Old Digman furniture deliveries will take place Monday, August 1 through Friday, August 5. Delivery trailers will be staged in parking lot B adjacent to Old Rafuse and some spaces will be unavailable during this time. Contact project coordinator Mary Petrosky with any questions at petrosky@binghamton.edu or 777-6575.

Work on Dickinson Co-Rec Seating Wall Begins July 27
Work to repair a seating wall in the Dickinson Community Co-Rec area will begin Wednesday, July 27. Those in the community should use caution around the construction work which is expected to last two to three weeks. Contact project coordinator Gregg Konnick with any questions at gkonnick@binghamton.edu or 777-2598.
Parking Lot M1 Closed for Milling, Paving, Line Painting July 28 - August 12
Parking lot M1 will be closed for milling, paving and line painting from Thursday, July 28 to around Friday, August 12.

Electrical Shutdown Affects Some Campus Buildings July 29/30
An electrical shutdown affecting the following buildings will take place from 6 p.m. Friday, July 29 until 6 a.m. Saturday, July 30.

  • Commissary
  • Hinman College (all buildings- Hughes, Cleveland, Lehman, Roosevelt, Smith, NAR Center, dining hall)
  • Lecture Hall/Student Wing
  • Library North Tower
  • Science 1
  • Science 2
  • Science 3
  • Science 4
  • Science Library
  • Warehouse

This shutdown is needed to replace a high voltage switch in Science 2 that was damaged by heavy rain last spring. Emergency power will be on and the fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and for equipment normally tied to emergency circuits. Contact Tom Seidel with any questions at tseidel@binghamton.edu or 777-4468.
Old Champlain Furniture Deliveries August 2 - August 17 Affects Lot U
Furniture deliveries to Old Champlain will take place from Tuesday, August 2 through Wednesday, August 17. Some parking spaces in lot U will be reserved for delivery trucks during this time. Contact Heath Weeks with any questions at hweeks@binghamton.edu or 777-3793.

Events Center Flooring Work July 26 - August 2
A project to replace flooring on the west corridor of the Events Center lower (event) level will take place from Tuesday, July 26 through Tuesday, August 2. Existing rubber flooring and carpeting will be removed and replaced with new rubber flooring. The area will be closed during the work. Contact Mary Ann Fletcher with any questions at mfletch@binghamton.edu or 777-5064.

Landscaping and Lighting Work Near Lots J1 and J2 July 14 - August 19
Landscaping and lighting installation work will be taking place around parking lots J1 and J2 from Thursday, July 14 through Friday, August 19. Periodic parking space closures may take place as work progresses. Please use caution around construction activity. Contact project coordinator Lisa Sklener with any questions a lsklener@binghamton.edu or 759-8276.
Walkway Replacements Near West Gym and Pumphouse July 18 - August 1
Blacktop walkways will be replaced with concrete walkways near the West Gym and Pumphouse adjacent to parking lot E1 beginning Monday, July 18. The walkways will be closed during this work and pedestrians will be re-routed. The work is expected to take two to three weeks, weather permitting.

Coring and Conduit Installation at Engineering & Science Building July 25-August 2
Coring of the foundation wall of the Engineering & Science Building and installation of conduit between the Engineering & Science Building and the Smart Energy R&D Building will create significant noise disturbances July 25-August 2. Contact project coordinator Lisa Sklener with any questions a lsklener@binghamton.edu or 759-8276.

West Campus Drive Closure July 25 - August 8
The contractor responsible for the installation of new speed tables as part of a pedestrian safety upgrade project will be closing West Campus Drive between the Connector Road intersection in front of Academic Building A and the Visitors Parking Lot for a period of two weeks starting July 25.  Signs will be in place to direct traffic during the closure. Traffic will be directed around the closure using the Connector Road and East Access Drive. Please contact project coordinators Nick Corcoran (777-3199) or Gary Bendert (777-4715) with any questions.

Sanitary Sewer Line Repair/Replacement Remaining Work

The contractor for the sanitary sewer line repair/replacement project will be completing a few remaining items over the next couple of weeks. Work will be performed in manholes around the Physical Facilities compound Tuesday, July 12. On Thursday, July 13, concrete work will take place on the sidewalk disturbed by the project outside Physical Facilities and at the fueling station. Over the next couple of weeks, sod will be restored in areas around Physical Facilities. Hydro-seeding of areas near the S lots is expected to take place later this year when weather is more conducive for growth. Contact project coordinator Gregg

Last Updated: 7/28/16