East Access and West Access Road Paving October 1 through October 4
Portions of East Access Road and West Access Road will be paved in the period between Saturday, October 1 and Tuesday, October 4. During the paving, East Access will be restricted to one lane with flag persons assisting traffic in a section of road just beyond the O lots. Both lanes of West Access will be closed from lot ZZ to lot M1 . Contact Don Williams with any questions at dlwillia@binghamton.edu or 777-4638.

Administration Building Heating/Cooling/Hot Water Shutdown October 3-October 7
As part of the Administration Building chiller replacement project, there will be a shutdown of the heating, cooling and hot water system of the Administration Building from Monday, October 3 through Friday, October 7. The old chiller will be dismantled and removed during this time. Depending on the progress of work, it is possible services will be restored sooner than October 7. Contact Jason Gilbert with any questions at gilbert@binghamton.edu or 777-2240.

Administration Building Air Handler and Chiller Replacement Project Underway
Work is underway in install a new air handler, chiller and generator for the Administration Building. The contractor has fenced an area in the back of the building where work will be taking place. The work area can be seen on the construction and staging maphttp://www.binghamton.edu/physical-facilities/images/General/Stage16rev5.pdf. The project involves excavation in the project area. This will take place in the next couple of weeks and will entail dump trucks coming and going to the site. A concrete pad will be poured once excavation is complete.  A crane will be used to place new equipment on the pad and at some point there will be a shutdown of building air handling systems so the new equipment can be brought on line. The work is expected to take about five months to complete. Contact Jason Gilbert with any questions at gilbert@binghamton.edu or 777-2240.

Last Updated: 9/28/16