Contractor on Roof of Lecture Hall Student Wing October 28

A contractor will be examining the roof the of the Lecture Hall /Student Wing on Tuesday, October 28 to gather information on an upcoming renovation project. Contact Renee Andrews with any questions at or 777-3317.

East Drive Tree Planting October 29 and October 30

Thirty trees will be planted along East Drive on Wednesday, October 29 and Thursday, October 30 as part of the East Drive reconstruction project. There may be slight traffic and pedestrian delays as the trees are placed and planted. Contact Gary Bendert with any questions at or 777-3927.

Moves From Library to Academic A October 29

There will be a small moving truck in the area of the Library Tower and Academic A on Wednesday, October 29. The truck is being used to facilitate of move from the Library second floor to Academic A. The move will take most of the day to complete and the truck will be stationed outside the Library Tower and the south entrance of Academic A. Someone will be on hand to assist with pedestrian safety during the move. Contact Michele Deskin with any questions at or 777-5204.

University Union Sprinkler Shutdown October 28

There will be a shutdown of the sprinkler system in the University Union from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, October 28. The shutdown is needed to install a sprinkler head. Contact project coordinator Mo Afify with any questions at or 777-2828.

Academic A Corridor Project Begins October 20

A small project will begin Monday, October 20 in the 100D corridor in Academic A adjacent to the Student Wing to create space Educational Communications and facilitate a larger project, due to begin in January, that will renovate the Student Wing. The work involves removal of a wall and relocation of a door and will take about a month to complete. Contact project coordinator Jim Barnum with any questions at or 777-6014.

Whitney/Old Champlain Walkway Work Postponed Until October 28

Work to install a new concrete walk between Whitney and Old Champlain has been postponed until Tuesday, October 28 due to rain and some equipment breakdowns. There will be no pedestrian access between Whitney and Old Champlain during this work. Pedestrians should use other walkways as signage directs. The sidewalk along East Drive closest to Old Champlain will be closed around the work area and pedestrians should use the sidewalk in front of C4 during this time. Traffic will be reduced to one lane periodically throughout the day to allow for concrete delivery. Flag-persons will direct traffic in the area while East Drive is restricted. Contact project coordinator Jennifer Bourassa with any questions at or 777-5047.

Library Renovations Schedule Changes

Asbestos abatement work taking place in the Library north second floor area is taking a bit longer than originally scheduled. Please note the following adjustments to the previously announced schedule: restrooms 2446 and 2448, the associated corridor outside of the men's and women's restroom and classroom 2449 will be inaccessible beginning Monday October 27. In addition the second floor will not be accessible via elevator 11. Elevator 11 will service all other floors. This particular phase of the project is due to be complete Friday, November 7. The start of this phase is pending completion and final air testing of the ongoing asbestos abatement underway outside elevators 24 & 25. We expect these tests to be complete Friday, October 24. This new work area/phase will not be established until the elevator access to the 2nd floor via Elevator 24 & 25 is available. The main corridor (2400), outside Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Writing Initiative, will remain open to any remaining occupants of the 2nd floor. Stair 14 will also remain open. Elevator 24 & 25 will be able to be used (upon completion of testing). Bathroom facilities located near the tower and/or on the 1st floor near Stair 10 and Stair 13 can be used during this time. Contact project coordinator Jennifer Bourassa with any questions at or 777-5047.

Center of Excellence Door Access September 15 - November 15

Due to work associated with construction of the Smart Energy R&D Building, the overhead door and door adjacent to it in the Center of Excellence will be unavailable from Monday, September 15 through Saturday, November 15. Signs will be posted to indicate this closure. Contact Lisa Sklener with any questions at or 759-8276.


Last Updated: 10/28/14