Fall 2014 Schedule of Colloquium

Colloquium talks will be held at Science Library, SL 212 at 11:00 am - 12:15 pm. Light refreshments will be provided 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. All are welcome. Check back often for updates to the table for title and abstract links for the talks.
If colloquium is scheduled on a Thursday, then the colloquium will start at 3:00 PM.

Monday Sep 15, 2014 Martin Fortsner (Syracuse University)  Cellular Interfaces: From Basic Science  to Applications (abstract, .doc, 30 kB)
Monday Sep 22, 2014 GomboTsydynzhapov (Inst. of Solid State Physics & LNEP) Terahertz technology: on its way to the real world (abstract, .doc, 30 kB)
Monday Sep 29, 2014 Jiwoon Park (Cornell University)  Stitching and Stacking 2D Materials for  Atomically Thin Circuitry (abstract, .doc, 163kB)
Monday Oct 13, 2014 Vincent Crespi (Penn State University)  Nanogeometry (abstract, .doc, 30 kB)
 Monday Oct 20, 2014  Peihong Zhang (Univ. at Buffalo)  Hole-lattice coupling and photoinduced ultrafast insulator-metal transition in VO2 (abstract, .doc, 30kB)
Monday Oct 27, 2014 Kyung-Han Hong (MIT) Strong-field Physics in Mid-IR and THz Fields (abstract, .doc, 29 kB) 
Monday Nov 10, 2014 Deirdre O'Carroll (Rutgers University) Effects of Plasmonic Electrodes on the Optical and Morphological Properties of Conjugated Polymer Thin-Films (abstract, .doc, 31 kB)  
Monday Nov 17, 2014 Cathy Wong (Smart Energy TAE, UC Berkeley) Inter-molecular order at a hidden interface in a small-molecule organic semiconductor thin film(abstract, .doc, 31 kB)

Last Updated: 11/10/14