Cotts, Eric

Eric Cotts

Office: S2-G47

Phone: 607-777-4371


Research Facilities:

The Underfill Flow Lab

We study the underfill flow process used in direct chip attachment.

Underfill Sample Preparation

Parallel plate capillary set up(link missing) - This is used to create a standard sample. With an identical set up for every underflow experiment, one variable at a time can be adjusted. Whether is is the type of underfill, the temperature, the grid array on the chip board or some other variable, this set up is uniform.

The Squeegee(link missing)- This was created by Jason Cascio in an attempt to create uniform flow fronts. Its use has created even more questions about the nature of flow in underfill materials.

Underfill Sample Investigation

SEM(link missing) - The Scanning Electron Microscope is used to investigate the cured underfilled chips for settling and voids formed during the underfill process.

Last Updated: 10/6/16