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Eric Cotts

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Publications: Recent Papers

Underfill Flow

  • "Metrics for the Underfill Flow Process," Li, P., Driscoll, T., Guydosh, N., Cascio, J., Huang, Y., Cotts, E.J., Lehmann, G.,EEP, Advances in Electronic Packaging, vol. 26-2, no.2, pp. 1377-1379 (1999). Article ( .pdf, 220KB)
  • "A Model of the Underfill Flow Process: Particle Distribution Effects," Gou, Y., Lehmann, G.L., Driscoll, T., Cotts, E.J., IEEE 1999 Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp. 71-76 (1999). Article ( .pdf, 308KB)
  • "Viscosity Measurements and Models of Underfill Mixtures," P.C. Li, Y. Gou, G.L.Lehmann, and E.J. Cotts. Presented at the September 1998 IEEC/CPMT conference "ADHESIVES IN ELECTRONICS '98" in Binghamton, NY. Due to an error, our paper was included without the figures in the proceedings. Please, feel free to print this out and staple it in! (report)(.pdf 176KB)
  • "Underflow Process for Direct-Chip-Attachment Packaging," G. L. Lehmann, T. Driscoll, N. R. Guydosh, P.C. Li, E. J. Cotts, IEEC/Component, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 266-274 (1998).  Article ( .pdf, 240KB)
  • "Underflow Process for Direct-Chip-Attachment Packaging," P.C. Li, G. L. Lehmann, J. Cascio, T. Driscoll, Y.J. Huang, E. J. Cotts, Electronic Packaging Materials Science X, pp. 117-22, (1998).  Article ( .pdf, 152KB)
  • "Underflow Process for Direct-Chip-Attachment Packaging", Cotts, E.J, T. Driscoll, N.R. Guydosh, P.Li, G. Lehmann. Proceedings on the First IEEE International Symposium on Polymeric Electronics Packaging , pg. 273-283. (1997)  Article ( .pdf, 200KB)
  • December 1996 Materials Research Society Paper "Investigation of the Flow Behavior of Particulate Filled Fluids":  Abstract ( .pdf, KB) or Article ( .pdf, 56KB)

Interdiffusion and Thin Films

  • "Thermodynamic and kinetic study of solid state reaction in the Cu-Si system", R.R. Chromik, W.K. Neils, and E.J. Cotts, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 86, no. 8, p 4273-4281, Oct. 1999. (Article in .pdf; abstract in html)  Article ( .pdf, 1MB)
  • "Effect of Au-Intermetallic Compounds on Mechanical Reliability of Sn-Pb/Au-Ni-Cu Joints," Zribi, A., Chromik, R.R., Presthus, R., Clum,J., Zavalig, L., Cotts, E.J., EEP, Advances in Electronic Packaging, vol. 26-2, no.2, pp. 1573-1577 (1999): Article ( .pdf, 72KB)
  • "Solder Metalization Interdiffusion in Microelectronic Interconnects," Zribi, A., Chromik, R.R., Presthus, R., Clum,J., Teed, K., Zavalij, L., DeVita, J., Tova,J., Cotts, E.J.,IEEE 1999 Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp. 451-457 (1999): Article ( .pdf, 424KB)
  • "Thermal Expansion of Several Sn-based Intermettalics," Nan Jiang, J.A. Clum, R.R. Chromik, E.J. Cotts. Scripta Materialia, Vol. 37, No. 12, pp. 1851-1854 (1997): Article ( .pdf, 36KB)
  • "Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study of Phase Transformations in Solder/Metal Systems", R.R. Chromik and E.J. Cotts. Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 445, pp. 31-36 (1997)  Article ( .pdf, 96KB)
  • "A Study of the Kinetics and Energetics of Solid State Reactions in Pd/Sn DiffusionCouples". Chromik, R.R., Cotts, E.J. (Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh, 1996) pp. 307-312  Article ( .pdf, 76KB)
  • "Calorimetric Study of the Energetics and Kinetics of Interdiffusion in Cu/Cu6Sn5 Thin Film Diffusion Couples". Neils, W.K., Chromik, R.R., Dreyer, K.F., Grosman, D., and Cotts, E.J. Materials Research Society Symposium (Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh) pp. 313-318 (1996).  Article ( .pdf, 64KB)
  • "Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Formation of Thin Film Titanium Disilicide". Kasica, R.J., Cotts, E.J., and Ahrens, R.G., Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 398, pp. 301-305 (1996).  Article ( .pdf, 76KB)
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