Cotts, Eric

Eric Cotts

Office: S2-G47

Phone: 607-777-4371


Research Facilities:

Thermal Analysis Lab

A separate lab that is stocked with many pieces of TA Instrument equipment for studying solids.

  • DSC 2920(link missing) - The Differential Scanning Calorimeter is in the lab room with the other thermal analysis lab's equipment.
  • TGA 2050(link missing) - The Thermogravimetric Analyzer. It measures the rate and amount of change in sample weight as temperature or time passes.
  • DMA 983(link missing) - The Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer. This measures visoelastic properties of materials.
  • DEA 2970(link missing) - The Dielectric Analyzer. It measures the capacitance and conductive nature of materials.
  • TMA 2940(link missing) - Thermomechanical Analyzer. It measures dimensional changes in sample.

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Last Updated: 10/6/16