Current Course Offerings

Spring 2015 Physics and Astronomy Courses

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Key: L lecture,
D discussion and
A Activity.

This table contains a list of courses and instructors who teach the courses
Course Code
ASTR 114  Sun, Stars & Galaxies (L) Taylor 
ASTR 114 Online  Suns, Stars and Galaxy (Distance Learning) Telesca
Astr 115 Observational Astronomy (A) Taylor
PHYS 122 General Physics II (L D A) Nale/ Itsuko Suzuki
PHYS 131 General Physics I (Calculus Based, WTSN) (L D A) Meenakshi & Sileo
PHYS 132 General Physics II (calculus Based) (L D A) Mativetsky
PHYS 227 Sophomore Laboratory (L A) Aynajian
PHYS 327 Junior Laboratory(L A) Shim
PHYS 331/PHYS505  Electromagnetic Theory I (L)/ElectroMagnetism I (L) Wei-Cheng Lee
PHYS 341/PHYS 502 Analytical Mechanics (L) Lawler
PHYS 380C Gravitation and Cosmology (L) Nelson
PHYS 391 Practicum in Teaching Meenakshi
PHYS 393/ 501/ 601 Physics & Materials Science Colloquium Piper
PHYS 422/ 509  Quantum Mechanics II (L)/ QM MAT (L) Masatsugu Suzuki
PHYS 429/ PHYS 527 Advanced Physics Lab (L A) Levy
PHYS 449 Intro-Global Geophysics (L A) Dickman
PHYS 468/568 Computational Physics (L) Itsuko Suzuki
PHYS 472/ PHYS 572 Solid State Physics (L) Margine
PHYS 429  Advanced Physics Lab (L) Masatsugu Suzuki
PHYS 522 Classical Electrodynamics (L) Jang
PHYS525 Quantum Mechanics II (L) Kolmogorov
PHYS592 Communication (L) Piper

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