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Current Course Offerings

Fall 2013 Physics and Astronomy Courses

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This table contains a list of courses and instructors who teach the courses
Course CodeTitleInstructor
ASTR 114 Sun, Stars & Galaxies Telesca
ASTR 115 Observational Astronomy Laboratory Telesca
PHYS 121 General Physics I Nale/ Itsuko Suzuki
PHYS 131 General Physics I (Calculus Based) Mativetsky
PHYS 132 General Physics II (calculus Based WTSN) Meenakshi/ Sileo
PHYS 227 Sophomore Laboratory Aynajian
PHYS 327 Junior Laboratory White
PHYS 332/506 Electro Magnetic Theory II Piper
PHYS 323 Modern Physics Levy
PHYS 391 Practicum In College Teaching Faculty
PHYS 393/ 501/ 601 Physics & Materials Science Colloquium Piper
PHYS 421/508 Statistical Thermodynamics Jang
PHYS 463/563 Coherent Optics Shim
PHYS 483A GRE Prep Course Nelson
PHYS 524 Quantum Mechanics I Kolmogorov
PHYS 631 Statistical Mechanics I DeSilva
PHYS 635 Quantum Field Theory Lawler
PHYS 644 Nanofabrication Tech Wagoner
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Last Updated: 7/24/14