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An international leader in the discipline, Binghamton University’s Department of Political Science is ranked in the top 20 by the 2010 NRC Study, and 19th in the world by the Hix study, with faculty who publish widely and are leaders in their fields. Our graduate program offers MA and PhD degrees, and has an outstanding record of PhD placement at research universities. Our undergraduate major is one of the largest in Harpur College, with a Pre-law preparation component and particular strengths in:

  • law and courts
  • political institutions
  • civil war, repression, and human rights
  • international relations and foreign policy
  • campaigns and elections

Binghamton political science graduates establish careers as researchers, professors, staff members for elected officials, lobbyists, political advocates and lawyers, and business professionals.

Greeting from Department Chair, David Clark 


News & Announcements


Recent Graduate Student Excellence Award Winners

Halil Ozen (Research, 2016)
Scott Boddery (Research, 2015)
Graig Klein (Research, 2015)
Sheryl Symons (Teaching, 2015)
Ben Farrer (Research, 2014)
Josh Zingher (Research, 2014)
Chad Clay (Research, 2012)
Ian Farrell (Teaching, 2011)

Binghamton PhD placements in Faculty positions for 2014/15 include:

Scott Boddery, Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College
Raymond Carman Jr., Assistant Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh
Stephen Chapman, Assistant Professor, Monmouth University
Benjamin Farrer, Assistant Professor, Knox College
Joshua Zingher, Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University

Professor Benjamin Fordham spent the 2010-11 academic year as the Henry Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations at the Library of Congress.

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Mentoring as a teacher and researcher Wendy Martinek, associate professor of political science, has been called a commanding presence in the classroom, thoroughly prepared and able to deal with the complex and occasionally controversial issues that come up in discussions of constitutional law. | Read More

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