Important Applicant Information

The application process to health professions schools is complex and lengthy, consuming much of the period between the end of junior year and graduation. If you are a junior, senior or alumnus applying to professional school or if you are applying to an Early Assurance Program you will need to obtain certain forms and related materials from the Pre-Health Professions Office. For all categories of applicant mentioned above, the forms you will need can be obtained by clicking on the links below. In addition, if you are a junior, senior or alumnus, you must obtain a copy of the blue Junior-Senior Handbook from the Pre-Health Professions Office. Juniors will get a copy of the Junior-Senior Handbook at the first Junior Pre-Health meeting held every November. If you are applying to an Early Assurance Program, please consult the "Early Assurance Program Applicants" section of this page.

It is important for all applicants to subscribe to the Pre-Health List Serv because the Pre-Health Professions Office relies entirely on the Pre-Health List Serv for posting information. For instructions on how to subscribe to the Pre-Health List Serv, click here.

Credentialing is the process by which you assemble materials and have them submitted in support of your application to a health professions program. At Binghamton, credentialing is carried out through what is known as a composite evaluation system. Under this arrangement you submit, and have submitted, a variety of materials which are placed in a credentials file. When this file is complete, the Pre-Health Professions Advisor edits this material, adds his own comments, and write a composite evaluation. It is this evaluation, along with 3 attached letters chosen by the Pre-Health Professions Advisor, which is sent to the health professions schools to which you have applied. The following are the necessary steps you must follow to complete your credentials file. Please make sure to review pages 14-21 of the Junior-Senior Handbook for the complete explanation of the necessary steps.

  1. Deadlines: The deadline for completing your file is June 15th.
  2. Autobiography
  3. Photograph
  4. Student Information Form
  5. Personal Information Form
  6. Letters of Recommendation
  7. Waiver Slips
  8. Pre-Health Professions Office Address Information
  9. Complete copy of your application
  10. Envelopes with correct postage: Postage rates for 2015 applicants: $0.70 for envelopes and $0.34 for postcards.
  11. Letterhead Stationery
  12. Tracking sheet
  13. Credentialing Fee

The following forms are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. All of the forms are required for your Credentials File. Additional required material is listed in the Junior Pre-Health Handbook. Please complete the required fields, print, then submit as instructed. Please note: type directly into these interactive PDF forms before printing.

  • Waiver Slips: Please cut these to size and give each one to each person writing a recommendation for you. Please instruct them to submit the waiver slip with your letter of recommendation. Also, please leave 2-3 extra signed waiver slips in your file at the Pre-Health Office in case someone fails to include one with a recommendation.
  • Student Information: This form solicits information from you which will be used by the Pre-Health Advisor in preparing your evaluation.
  • Tracking Form: Please include the names of all of the schools to which you are applying. Certain personal information, as noted on the form, must also be submitted. This is a list for record keeping purposes only and is not an authorization to send your evaluation to schools.
  • Personal Information: This form solicits address and telephone information from you, in case the Pre-Health Advisor or secretary need to get in touch with you for some reason. It also contains a records release. You need to fill out and submit a new form if your address and/or phone number changes.

Early Assurance Program Applicants

If you are applying to an Early Assurance Program, you will need to obtain an abridged version of the credentialing instructions. You may do so by clicking on the link below. Please note that this information is exclusive to Early Assurance Program Applicants. All other applicants should obtain a copy of the blue Junior-Senior Handbook from the Pre-Health Professions Office. If you are NOT an Early Assurance applicant and follow these instructions, you will be WRONG.

Early Assurance Credentialing Instructions Postage rates for 2015 applicants: $0.70 for envelopes and $0.34 for postcards.

Junior, Senior and Alumni Applicants

You must obtain a copy of the blue Junior-Senior Handbook from the Pre-Health Office.

Information for Re-Applicants

If you are re-applying to professional school, the attached document will provide some of the information you need to carry out this process. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to speak with the Pre-Health Advisor, since the re-application process is typically less clear and more involved than your original application. To do this, please contact the Pre-Health secretary at 607-777-6305 to set up an appointment.

Re-Applicants Credentialing Instructions  Postage rates for 2015 applicants: $0.70 for envelopes and $0.34 for postcards.

Last Updated: 7/31/14