Early Assurance Programs

Binghamton’s Early Assurance program for early admission during the sophomore year into SUNY’s Upstate Medical University, Buffalo School of Medicine or Dental Medicine, and the SUNY Optometry Joint Degree Program helps take the pressure off students pursuing these degrees. 

Binghamton University-SUNY Upstate Medical Program

This program is open to second semester sophomores only. Students interested in the program should obtain the application form from the Upstate web page early in the spring semester of sophomore year. If accepted, students will be able to spend their last two years at Binghamton without the pressures (i.e. interviews, etc.) ordinarily experienced by premedical students during this period of their lives. The criteria for this program are listed in the Freshman-Sophomore Pre-Health Handbook.

Binghamton University-SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine Early Assurance Program

This program is designed to assure an undergraduate student an acceptance into dental school after two years of study, thus allowing the completion of the remainder of the four year undergraduate curriculum without concern for admission into dental school. Interested students should meet with the Pre-Health Professions Advisor by the end of the fall semester of sophomore year. The criteria for this program are listed in the Freshman-Sophomore Pre-Health Handbook.

Binghamton University-SUNY Optometry Joint-Degree Program

You can fast-track your future with a BA (biological sciences) degree from Binghamton and an OD degree from SUNY Optometry in seven years, instead of the eight years it normally takes to complete both degrees. You may apply to this program as a high school senior or a second semester freshman. Because of the structured nature of the course work and the short time (three years) you will be at Binghamton if accepted into the program, transfer students and sophomores are not eligible for the program. Application information and deadlines are in the Freshman-Sophomore Pre-Health Handbook.

Last Updated: 12/15/16