Financial Aid Application Year Timeline

This broad outline will keep you on track in attaining the funds you need to pay for law school. This timeline begins in the summer a year prior to law school matriculation.

June - August

• Obtain your credit report from
• Address any errors or omissions in your report with the credit bureau(s).
• Compile a list of all your current debts and estimate your monthly payments.
• Begin your search for grants and scholarships.

September - December

• Obtain current financial aid budgets for each school to which you will apply.
• Research grant and scholarship opportunities.
• Check law school deadlines for submission of financial aid information.
• Determine whether additional scholarship applications or letters of recommendation will be necessary for any of your chosen law schools.


• Prepare your federal income taxes as soon as you have complete documentation (W-2s, 1099s, etc.).
• Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at
• Complete your law school financial aid applications.

February - April

• Comply quickly with any requests from law schools for additional financial aid information, such as 1040s, W-2s, or institutional information sheets.
• Receive financial aid offers. If you have special concerns or situations, discuss these with the law school financial aid office.
• Examine the net costs and benefits of attending schools where you have been admitted.
• Discuss actual housing costs with law students at individual schools.
• Pay your first law school deposit.

March - July

• Once you have selected your law school, submit your loan application(s) and finalize your housing arrangements.
• Pay your second law school deposit.

From this Point Forward ...

• Make a budget and stick to it!


Last Updated: 7/25/14