Pre-Law Timeline: Undergraduate Years

Freshman and Sophomore Years

• Sign up for the Pre-law Listserv.
• Take courses that will enhance your writing, reading comprehension and analytical skills.
• Develop your logical reasoning ability and increase your awareness of human institutions, social values, and the world at large.
• Develop a realistic view of legal careers. Look for internship and shadowing opportunities to obtain law-related experience. Talk with lawyers about their work.
• Choose a major that represents your own academic interests..
• Be serious about your studies. Your grades are a very important part of your law school application.
• Find the right balance between academic coursework and extracurricular activities. Pursue your interests outside of class, but not at the expense of your grades.
• Begin to consider how you will finance a legal education.
• Browse in the Pre-Law Library in Harpur Academic Advising.
• Attend Binghamton's annual Law Day in early Fall.

Junior Year

• Open a credentials file at the Career Development Center and request letters of recommendation for law school. Complete your file by the end of junior year, if possible. Thinking about applying to law school after graduation? Be sure to complete your file before you leave Binghamton!!
• Attend Pre-Law Meetings for Juniors, Law Day, and any other law-related events on campus.
• Register for and take the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) by February or June of your junior year, if you will apply as a senior. Registration materials are in Harpur Academic Advising and in the Career Development Center, or online at Fee waivers are available.
• Think about your decision to go to law school and research other options if you are not sure. Most law students take time off between college and law school.
• Think about how you will pay for law school. Talk with your family. Obtain a free credit report at
• Research law schools. Begin your target list of schools.
• Talk with the Pre-Law Advisor if you plan to study abroad during junior or senior year.
• Pursue internships and other opportunities to gain experience in the law.

Senior Year

Applying in your senior year?

• Follow the Law School Application Year Checklist

Applying after college?

• Schedule an appointment with the Pre-law Advisor before you graduate
• Consider taking the June LSAT just after graduation. Most law schools will consider LSAT scores taken within three years; some will accept scores within four or five years.
• Request letters of recommendation from faculty to be sent to a confidential file at the Career Development Center or at the LSAC before you leave Binghamton! It can be difficult to obtain these letters after graduation.
• Take advantage of career planning and counseling resources at the Binghamton University Career Development Center.

Last Updated: 7/25/14