Team Members

Henry Aery Henry Aery
Affiliation: Student
Major: Accounting, 2015

female silhouette Tania Alameda-Lawson
Assistant Professor
CCPA Social Work, Binghamton University
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Allison Alden Allison Alden
Director, Center for Civic Engagement
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: Anthropology, Education; 1980, 1981, 2002

Carol Bell Carol Bell
Assistant Director
University Center for Training and Development
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: Literature, 1994

Diana Bendz Diana Bendz
Affiliation: Community Partner

Female silhouette Lauren Benz
Executive Director
Escape Student Union Bus Company
Affiliation: Student
Major: Integrative Neuroscience, 2013

Austin Blumenfeld Austin Blumenfeld
Affiliation: Student
Major: Political Science, 2015

Tom Boyer Tom Boyer
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Innovation Associates
Affiliation: Industry Partner

Female silhouette Gerri Britton
Assistant Professor, Decker School of Nursing
Affiliation: Alumna, Faculty Member
Major: Nursing; 2000, 2004

Diane Brown Diane Brown
Executive Director
Community Foundation for South Central NY
Affiliation: Alumna, Community Partner
Major: BA Anthropology, MA Social Sciences; 1974, 2002

Georgia Burbidge Georgia Burbidge
Program Manager, IBM Endicott
Affiliation: Community Partner, Industry Partner

Sandy Card Sandy Card
Director of Technical Services, University Libraries
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor, Faculty Member
Major: Psychology, 1972

Female silhouette Julie Carl
Scheduler and Assistant to the Director of Operations Physical Facilities Department
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: MA Social Science, 2005

Anne Casella Anne Casella
IRB Administrator, ITC Biotechnology Building
Affiliation: Staff Member

Jillian Chen Jillian Chen
Accounting, 2015
Affiliation: Student

Sue Crane Susan Crane
Associate Director, Events Center
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: Human Development, 1999

Female silhouette Carol Eaton
Clinical Associate Professor
The Graduate School of Education
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Johann Fiore-Conte Johann Fiore-Conte
Director of Health and Counseling Services
Health and Counseling Services
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member

Dave Gdovin Dave Gdovin
President and Founding Partner, Diamond Visionics, LLC
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: Applied Math & Computer Science, 1970

Female silhouette Gail Glover
Senior Director of Media and Public Relations
Office of Communications and Marketing
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: BS Social Sciences, MA; 1996, 2003

Cody Grant Cody Grant
Senior Associate, Ernst and Young
New York, NY
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: Accounting, 2009

Diane Greiwe Diane Greiwe
Advocacy Communications Specialist

Marty Honeychuck Marty Honeychuck
SG-9 Maintenance Assistant, Physical Facilities
Affiliation: Staff Member

Cory Jacobs Cory Jacobs
Senior Director of Major Gifts
Binghamton University Foundation
Affiliation: Donor, Staff Member

Danny Kashani Danny Kashani
Program Work Plan Developer Joanne Kays, Zach Ziemba @ the Ramp It Up! Program, BCC
Affiliation: Student
Major: Actuarial Science & Economics, 2014

Matthew Kratenstein Matthew Kratenstein
Student Assistant, Registrar's Office
Affiliation: Student
Major: System Science and Industrial Engineering
Graduation: 2014

Lucy Liang Lucy Liang
Affiliation: Alumna
Major: Marketing and Global Management, 2008

Jess Lorden Jess Lorden
Associate General Counsel, IBM Corporation
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor

Bethann Lubert B.A. Lubert
Information Processing Specialist
Binghamton University Foundation
Affiliation: Staff Member

Kate Madigan Kate Madigan
Lawyer / Partner
Levene, Gouldin & Thompson
Affiliation: Community Partner, Donor

Ellen Madison Ellen Madison
Administrative Assistant, Department of Bioengineering
Affiliation: Staff Member

Joann Navarro JoAnn Navarro
Associate Vice President for Administrative Services
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor, Staff Member
Major: BS, MBA; 1993, 2001

Vince Pasquale Vince Pasquale
Assistant Dean, School of Management
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor, Staff Member, University Retiree
Major: English; 1966, 1968

Male silhouette Vincent Piazza
Affiliation: Student
Major: PPL and History, 2013

Mark Poliks Mark Poliks
Director, R&D Endicott Interconnect Technologies
Research Professor, Chem, Materials Science, Engineering
Technical Director, S3IP / CAMM
Affiliation: Faculty Member, Industry Partner

Tasfia Rahman Tasfia Rahman
Student Assistant Technician
Binghamton University Audio Visual Services
Affiliation: Student
Major: Anthropology, Latin, and Medieval Studies, 2014

female silhouette Sharon Ramsay
Research Assistant, School of Education
Affiliation: Student
Major: Education, 2016

male silhouette Kenny Roman
George F. Johnson Memorial Library
Ed Duscombe, Endicott NY
Affiliation: Student 
Major: History and English, 2014

Matt Schofield Matt Schofield
Director of Accounts Payable & Travel
Business Office
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member
Major: BS Accounting, MPA; 2003, 2011

Amy Shapiro Amy Shapiro
Special Counsel, Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP
Affiliation: Community Partner

female silhouette Linda Shumaker
Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying
Affiliation: Community Partner, Industry Partner

Aalysia Siegel Alysia Siegel
Affiliation: Alumna
Major: Psychology, 2012

Tom Sinclair Tom Sinclair
Associate Professor, Public Administration
Affiliation: Faculty Member

female silhouette Nina Versaggi
Director, Public Archaeology Facility
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: Anthropology; 1976, 1988

female silhouette Jackie Visser
Lecturer, Graduate School of Education
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor, Faculty

Bruce White Bruce White
Associate Professor, Physics
Affiliation: Alumnus, Faculty Member
Major: Physics, 1990

Male silhouette Gabe Wolfson
Affiliation: Student
Major: Biology, 2013

Male silhouette Bob Wuestner
Senior Director
Rockwell Collins (Simulation and Training Solutions)
Affiliation: Industry Partner

female silhouette Melissa Zinkin
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Affiliation: Faculty Member

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