November 16

Community Engagement: Team Vision

5-Year Vision

We will create and enable an institutional identity, culture and commitment to community engagement through curricular activities, scholarship, partnerships and service.

20-Year Vision

As the premier public university, BU will exemplify mutually beneficial civic, social, cultural and economic engagement with its local, state, national and global communities through curricular activities, scholarship, partnerships and service.

To come up with the 5- and 20-year vision statements we asked each team member to draft his/her own statement and bring it to our 10/1 meeting. At this meeting, we broke up into five groups and asked each group to discuss what their vision statements had in common and come up with a 5- and 20-year vision statement for their table. These vision statements were placed on the whiteboards and we continued to look for common themes. Because the 20-year vision of Binghamton University is to become the premier public university, we focused on how community engagement will contribute to this aspiration. The 20-year vision statement that emerged captured the desire for both the development of a culture of community engagement and recognition outside of BU for community engagement through the use of the word exemplify. The term mutually beneficial is part of our definition of community engagement and we felt strongly that it belonged in the vision. Civic, social, cultural and economic describe the aspects of life we expect engagement to benefit. We recognize that communities may be geographic or issue-based and may occur at many levels; therefore, we speak of local, state, national and global communities.

Working backward to the 5-year vision, we wanted to emphasize what would need to occur in the short-term to bring about the recognition we seek in the long-term. While we discussed making achievement of the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement our 5-year vision, we were concerned that this might be too specific and present an opportunity for “failure” to achieve our vision. Rather, we decided to use some of the language offered by Carnegie regarding the actions that a university must engage in in order to receive the classification. This 5-year aspirational goal conveys the means for achieving our 20-year vision—curricular activities, scholarship, partnerships and service. Community engagement requires involvement of teaching, research and service—three core aspects of the mission of the university.

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Last Updated: 11/16/12