Team Members

Laura Anderson Laura Anderson
Mathematical Sciences
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Sharon Bryant Sharon Bryant
Director of CSTEP / Associate Professor
Decker School Of Nursing
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Dennis Chavez Dennis Chavez
Financial Aid and Student Records
Affiliation: Staff Member

Milton Chester Milton Chester
Assistant Dean of Students, Office of Student Conduct
Affiliation: Staff Member

Xiaodan Dai Xiaodan Dai
Sales Associate, American Apparel
New York, NY
Affiliation: Student
Major: Industrial & Systems Engineer, 2014 

Jared Douglas Jared Douglas
Affiliation: Student
Major: Psychology & Theater / Dance, 2013

Victoria Eng Victoria Eng
Affiliation: Student
Major: Mgmt with Concentrations in Finance and MIS, 2014

Victoria Eng Jean Fairbairn
Director, Services for Students with Disabilities

Affiliation: Staff Member

Brian Flynn Brian Flynn
Director of Admissions and Student Services, Social Work
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member

Lindsay Frankel Lindsay Frankel
Affiliation: Student
Major: English Rhetoric & Biology, 2013 

Bette Anne Gaube Bette Anne Gaube
Assistant Athletic Director, Athletic Department
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor, Staff Member
Major: MASS-Leadership, 2005 

Fran Goldman Fran Goldman
Assistant to Chair, Associate Director
Institute for Asia and Asian Diasporas, AAAS
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: BA in Human Services, MA, PhD in Political Science; 1986, 1989, 1996 

Chris Greene Chris Greene
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: Industrial Engineering, Systems Science; 1998, 2001 

Helen Higginbotham Helen Higginbotham
President, NAACP
Binghamton, NY
Affiliation: Community Partner

Shannon Hilliker Shannon Hilliker
ESL Program Department
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Jun Jeong Jun Jeong
Affiliation: Student
Major: Political Science & Financial Economics, 2014 

Joe Jones Joe Jones
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: English & Political Science, 2012 

Shanise Kent Shanise Kent
Associate Director
McNair Scholars & Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
Affiliation: Staff Member

Liz Kradjian Liz Kradjian
Assistant to the Dean
Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science Dean's Office
Affiliation: Staff Member

Sarah Laraichi Sarah Laraichi
Affiliation: Student
Major: English & Rhetoric, 2014 

Real Ma Real Ma
Affiliation: Student

Steven Maniscalco Steven Maniscalco
Operating Supervisor, Con Edison
LIC Queens
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor
Major: Management - Finance & Leadership, 2009 

male silhouette Randy McGuire
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Nico Meyering Nico Meyering
Affiliation: Student
Major: Public Administration, 2014 

Paola Mignone Paola Mignone
Affiliation: Staff Member, Student
Major: PhD Finance, 2017 

Heidi Morton Heidi Morton
Affiliation: Graduate Student
Major: Student Affairs Administration
Graduation: May 2014 

Dick Naslund Dick Naslund
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Cindy Olbrys Cindy Olbrys
Assistant Dean of University Libraries
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: MA Social Sciences, 2004 

Sharon O'Neill Sharon O'Neill
Associate Director of Residential Life for Staff & Marketing
Affiliation: Staff Member

Robert Palmer Rob Palmer
Student Affairs Administration
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Nilofer Pasha Nilofer Pasha
Statistical Support Analyst, Information Technology Services
Affiliation: Staff Member

Tom Popielarski Tom Popielarski
Director RF Human Resources and Payroll
The Research Foundation of SUNY
Affiliation: Staff Member

Norman Quinn Norman Quinn
Associate Director for Operations / Infrastructure
Affiliation: Staff Member

Sara Reiter Sara Reiter
Professor, School of Management
Affiliation: Donor, Faculty Member

Mark Rice Mark Rice
Clinical Director, University Counseling Center
Affiliation: Staff Member

Deb Sanders Deb Sanders
Secretary, Institutional Research and Assessment
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: Human Development CCPA, 2006 

Jonathan Schlosser Jonathan Schlosser
Affiliation: Student
Major: Environmental & Biology, 2015 

Dara Silberstein Dara Silberstein
Women's Studies
Affiliation: Alumna, Community Partner, Faculty Member
Major: Political Science, 1981 

Steve Straight Steve Straight
Professor Emeritus, Anthropology and Linguistics
Affiliation: Faculty Member, University Retiree

Stephanie Suriel Stephanie Suriel
Affiliation: Student
Major: Geography and Urban Planning, 2014 

Leo Wilton Leo Wilton
Associate Professor, Human Development
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor, Faculty Member
Major: English and Africana Studies, 1993 

Bogum Yoon Bogum Yoom
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Gary Zeng Gary Zeng
Affiliation: Student
Major: Accounting & Financial Engineering, 2014 

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