Engagement (SP4)

"...enhance the University's economic, social and cultural impact through engagement from the local to the global level."


  • Strengthen the University’s economic impact on the local community
  • Improve the University’s Social Impact on the Local Community
  • Enhance the University’s Cultural Impact on the Local Community
  • Improve the University’s Social Impact on the Global Community
  • Enhance the University’s Cultural Impact on the Global Community

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Projects in Progress

SP4.1: Bringing the World's Best and Brightest Students to Binghamton University

Improve international recruitment efforts by hiring in-country representatives, improving brand consistency internationally and diversifying the international student body.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.2: Carnegie Classification Application

The University will demonstrate its commitment to community service by implementing the Carnegie Classification Application.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.3: Creating a Nexus for Global Engagement: The Global Center

Create a global center that will become the hub of global engagement for Binghamton University and will become a powerful symbol for our global brand.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.4: Increasing the Consistency and Visibility of our Brand at the Campus, Regional, National, and International Level and Diversify Web Content

Increase brand consistency through one brand name and by creating a brand promise, increase brand visibility through conducting a feasibility study to host a 2016 presidential debate, among other things, provide more information and photographs on the University website to represent and convey our school’s diverse populations.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.5: Provide Students with More and Enhanced Service and Giving Experiences through Coursework

Increase emphasis on service and giving through classes focused on service learning, incorporating student philanthropy and creating a "service-learning certificate."

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.6: Promote International Student Success, Retention and Cultural Integration through Coursework

Pre-arrival programs and on-campus social adjustment services and academic support will aid a growing international student population.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.7: Strengthen the Existing Opportunities for Students to Engage in Education Abroad

Break down barriers to education abroad to help students expand their horizons and become global citizens.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP4.8: Binghamton University Bearcat Dens (Satellite Visitor/Community Outreach Centers)

Create visitor/community outreach centers in the Binghamton area or in the New York metro area.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

Last Updated: 9/12/14