Inclusive Campus (SP3)

"...unite to foster a diverse and inclusive campus culture."


  • Enhance diversity of the student population at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Enhance diversity of the faculty, staff, and administration of the university.
  • Provide support services to all students, faculty, and staff with special needs.
  • Elevate the culture of diversity and inclusiveness in the campus community.

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Projects in Progress

SP3.1: Develop Organizational Structure to Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness

A new office to be led by a newly appointed vice president to promote and model a philosophy that diversity and inclusiveness is everyone's responsibility and an integral part of the fabric of our University.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP3.2: Adaptive Technology and Information Access Services

Ensure all University members equitable access to all visual and auditory aspects of University-related programming.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP3.3: Creation of Divisional/Dept. Staff with Diversity Responsibilities

These dedicated staff members will ensure that a commitment to diversity is woven throughout the fabric of the University.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP3.4: Explore Increasing Scholarships to Aid Recruiting Diverse Students, Undergrad and Graduate

Improve the graduation rates of minority students through an increase in the number and amount of scholarships offered.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

Last Updated: 9/12/14