Team Members

Anna Addonisio Anna Addonisio
Associate Dean for Administration
Harpur College
Affiliation: Alumna, Faculty Member, Staff Member   

Major: Accounting, 1989, MBA, CPA, 2005

Manoj Agarwal Manoj Agarwal
Professor, School of Management
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Renee Andrews Renee Andrews
Project Coordinator, Long-Term Planning
Affiliation: Donor, Staff Member

Stephen Bedik Stephen Bedik
Affiliation: Student
Major: Accounting, 2014

Tammy Bahonick Tammy Behonick
Assistant Dean
College of Community and Public Affairs
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: BS Management, 1995, MS Accounting, 1999

Chris Chase Chris Chase
Equipment and Operations Manager
Watson Deans Office
Affiliation: Staff Member

Dan Cherico Dan Cherico
Purchasing Agent, Sales Representative, 
Harris Restaurant Supply, Port Chester, NY

Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor
Major: Urban Planning Economic & Retail Emphasis, 2008

Anthony Citriniti, PE Anthony Citriniti
Supervising Engineer
Physical Facilities
Affiliation: Staff Member

Edward Corrado Edward Corrado
Director of Library Technologies
University Libraries
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Juan Denzer Juan Denzer
Library Systems Specialist
Bartle Library - IT Department
Affiliation: Staff Member

Victor Fiori Victor Fiori
Chief Technician, Watson School
Affiliation: Staff Member

John George John George
Assistant Director, Administrative Development
Affiliation: Staff Member

Kanad Ghose Kanad Ghose
Professor and Chair, Computer Science
Computer Science Department
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Ronnie Goldberg Ronnie Goldberg
Assistant Director of Access Services
University Libraries
Affiliation: Donor, Staff Member

Wayne Greenfeder Wayne Greenfeder
Vice President, Kraemer Burns
Morris Ave, PA
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: Political Science, 1977

Michael Hizny Mike Hizny
Assistant Director of Networking
Information Technology Services
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor, Staff Member

Debra Honeychuck Debra Honeychuck
Laborer, Physical Facilities
Affiliation: Donor, Staff Member

David Hubeny Dave Hubeny
Director of Emergency Management
New York State University Police
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member
Major: Political Science (BA), 1991, Public Administration (Masters), 2010

Jimmy Johnson James Johnson
Maintenance Assistant, Physical Facilities
Affiliation: Staff Member

Janet Keesler Janet Keesler
Assistant Dean, Watson School Dean's Office
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor, Staff Member
Major: MBA, 1999

Celia Klin Celia Klin
Department Chair & Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Steve Knepp Steve Knepp
Resident Director, Residential Life
Affiliation: Staff Member

Edward Kokkelenberg Edward Kokkelenberg
Professor Emeritus, Dept of Economics
Affiliation: Donor, Faculty Member, University Retiree

Don Kunkel Donald Kunkel
Watson Director of Information Technology
Watson Deans Office
Affiliation: Staff Member
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology, 1986 

David Lee David Lee
CSEA Local 648 SUNY Binghamton President
Affiliation: Staff Member

Alex Mendelson Alex Mendelson
Delivery Driver, Gino's of Long Beach
Affiliation: Student
Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Law, 2013 

Sandra Michael Sandra Michael
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Morlando Angela Morlando
Administrative Assistant to Associate VP, Physical Facilities
Affiliation: Staff Member

Bridget Murphy Bridget Murphy
Affiliation: Student
Major: Psychology and Business Management, 2015 

Pete Napolitano Pete Napolitano
Director of Auxiliary Services
Auxiliary Services / Administration
Affiliation: Staff Member

Mike Pagan Mike Pagan
Managing Director
TD Securities, Manhattan, NY
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor
Major: Accounting, 1990 

Michelle Ponczek Michelle Ponczek
Course Building and Academic Space Management
Affiliation: Staff Member

Tony Preus Tony Preus
Professor of Philosophy and Faculty Master CIW
Philosophy Department
Affiliation: Faculty Member, Staff Member

Tom Rovere Tom Rovere
Research Scientist, Lockheed Martin
Owego, NY
Affiliation: Industry Partner ,Student
Major: Materials Engineering 

David Schwartz David Schwartz
Discovery Advisor
Affiliation: Student
Major: Business Management and Music 

Jake Seidner Jake Seidner
Affiliation: Student
Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2015

female sihouette Renee Sersen
Administrative Assistant, Chemistry Department
Affiliation: Alumna, Community Partner, Staff Member
Major: Human Development, 2006 Public Administration, 2010 

female silhouette Beth Shaw
Director, Business Development, Carlton Architecture, PC New York, NY
Affiliation: Industry Partner

Alexsa Silva Alexsa Silva
Director of Instructional Laboratories, Chemistry
Affiliation: Staff Member

Alexandra Spencer Alexandra Spencer
Affiliation: Alumnus, Community Partner
Major: BA Environmental Studies & Ecological Anthropology, 2009 

male silhouette Zach Staff
Airport Planner / GIS Specialist
McFarland Johnson, Inc., Binghamton, NY
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: MA Geography, 2007 

David Tanenhaus David Tanenhaus
Executive Director, Binghamton Housing Authority
Affiliation: Alumnus, Community Partner
Major: Rhetoric and Modern Literature, MSW; 1974, 1994 

Andrew Topal Andrew Topal
Affiliation: Student
Major: Political Science and Economics, 2014

Terry Webb Terry Webb
Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Student Affairs
Affiliation: Staff Member

Samson Widerman Samson Widerman
Affiliation: Student
Major: English & Philosophy, Politics and Law; 2014 

Geoffrey Yip Geoffrey Yip
Affiliation: Student
Major: Economics 

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