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SP2.1: Enhanced Center for Learning and Teaching

A new center to support and enhance a culture of excellence in teaching on our campus through a number of services.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.2: Core Competencies for Binghamton University Undergraduates

Create a set of competencies that will characterize a Binghamton University graduate A committee will be charged with establishing a process to guide students’ adaptation to competencies and monitor their success.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.3: Critical Staffing Needs to Support AV Technology in Classrooms

Increase staff to ensure that Binghamton classrooms meet the standards of AV technology for an improved learning experience.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.4: Developing a Premier Student Experience through Academic Advising

Create a unique academic advising model distinct to Binghamton University to define the Binghamton student experience.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.5: EASSE into Premier: Expanding Academic Skills and Support in English

Expand academic skills and support in English for international students.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.6: Fostering a Culture of Undergraduate Research

Promote undergraduate interests and ideas inherently enhancing the value of a Binghamton degree.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.7: Gateways to Success

Teaching introductory courses as "flipped," mastery, residential-based classes.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.8: Task Force Study of Approaches to Graduate Study Success

Engage in a road map of graduate education through studying several graduate student success metrics.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.9: High Impact Learning Experiences

Require that every Binghamton University student participate at least once in a high-impact learning experience such as service learning, study abroad, research or an internship.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013


SP2.10: The Role of Online Learning in a Premier University

Create a framework for online education.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

SP2.11: Innovative Teaching in Semester-long Courses

Consider experimentation with traditional semester-long courses without compromising desired learning outcomes.

Progress Report: 12/19/2013

Last Updated: 12/19/13