November 16

Rankings and Reputation: Vision Statement

Rankings:  In five years, Binghamton will close the gap in key ranking criteria that will help the University advance in categories important to the campus and our stakeholders; in 20 years, the University will be ranked in the top 25 National Public Research Universities.

Reputation:In five years, Binghamton will develop a distinctive, relevant and consistent brand; in 20 years, the connection between the brand and our stakeholders will be instinctive and emotional.  

Rankings: Characteristics

We will improve in key metrics that will help move the university up in the rankings. They include graduation and retention rates, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, and alumni giving.  We recognize the metrics may change over time and we need to adapt as necessary.

At the same time, we will identify other significant metrics that the University Community feels passionately about. For example, if we choose smart energy to be our focus of excellence, key metrics could be the number of research dollars attracted, the number patents attributed to it, the number of graduates working in the smart energy field and the number of students graduating with advanced degrees in smart energy.   

Although rankings will not drive which direction we will go, we recognize that the rankings are important to our critical stakeholders and cannot be ignored. 

Reputation: Characteristics

The University has various stakeholders, and the Binghamton brand often conveys different meaning to different stakeholders.  Therefore, our brand must be distinct and yet relevant to all and build on the common characteristics that unite all stakeholders (and are unique to us).  These are:

  1. We are a world-­‐class institution that combines outstanding teaching and research
  2. We offer the comfort of a small residential program and provide the amenities of a larger university
  3. Our research success translates into academic and community success, and our stories are spread equally between our students, faculty and alumni
  4. Our stakeholders trust Binghamton enough to sustain a life-­‐long relationship with us.

We recognize that a successful brand needs to deliver a consistent message.  It is important, therefore, that every interaction that a stakeholder has with Binghamton should deliver the premium message. The consistency in our messaging implies:

  1. Eliminating the brand confusion that comes with multiple names, and being consistent with the Chancellor’s vision of SUNY
  2. Clarifying the concept of value to our stakeholders – (Value does not correlate to just being cheap)
  3. Demonstrating our premier status in all our interactions – e.g., how does the entrance gate, parking booth, building names, shape and color of the student buses, etc., convey a premier reputation
  4. Demonstrating premier status in life-­‐long engagement  

The ultimate test of a successful brand is that it can cast an “automatic warm glow” that can cover our blemishes.  We can create this Binghamton halo only if our stakeholders bond with us on an emotional level, and our long-­‐term vision is that our brand creates a loyal community who will embrace us for what and who we are.   

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Last Updated: 11/16/12