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About the Road Map Process

We chose a combination of methods developed and used by other universities, government agencies, corporations and small community groups to build our Road Map. Beginning with a bold goal in mind — making Binghamton University the premier public university of the 21st century – we established a timeline and a general process that would involve people from across campus and from the community. We also agreed that, as a group, we would decide after each step of the process how the next step would be implemented. Our fundamental, guiding principle was that the process must be open, transparent and inclusive. This principle was embraced by the University community and drew endorsement from United University Professions, the union representing faculty and professional staff.

This process also meant that our planning steps were not fully known when we began to build our Road Map in spring 2012. We knew that almost 400 people had said they would like to participate, and we knew that we had key nine areas to look at as we began our journey to premier. As a result, a team of interns hired from a strategic leadership class in the School of Management set out to divide hundreds of people into nine teams that would each spend the fall 2012 semester researching one of nine areas: Advancing Learning, Creative Activities and Research, Community Engagement, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Global Engagement, Infrastructure, Philanthropy, Rankings and Reputation and Student Success to put forth proposals that would give the University a starting point on its journey to premier.

The result was overwhelming as the teams took ownership of their respective areas and helped define just what they thought the premier public University would look like regarding their topics.. The invaluable role these teams played cannot be overstated, and their members continue to build excitement throughout campus as they talk about their experiences. As we look back on the process through the videos and documents that were created to help guide us, and through the Road Map updates that were sent to retain interest from our stakeholders, we marvel at all that was accomplished and look forward to the day when we arrive at our destination.