SP1.7: Joining the Association of American Universities (AAU)

Binghamton University aspires to be a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). Assistant Provost Nasrin Fatima and her staff in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment have done preliminary analyses to determine how Binghamton compares on a set of metrics to the most recent addition to AAU (Boston University). As the Road Map projects become successful, they will advance Binghamton toward meeting the criteria, which will be considered upon application to AAU. OIRA has identified a set of data elements that will be tracked longitudinally as the University progresses toward meeting the AAU expectations. In the spring, Provost Donald Nieman will meet with the small task force that has been established to assess Binghamton's progress toward this goal.

Milestones completed:

Last Updated: 1/2/14