Strategic Investments (SP5)

"...optimize the acquisition and allocation of human, technological, financial and physical resources."


  • Develop the financial resources necessary to achieve the University’s goals
  • Optimize staff and faculty resources
  • Expand technological resources
  • Upgrade physical infrastructure of campus

On Schedule

Behind Schedule

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Projects in Progress

SP5.1: Plan and Execute the Next Successful Comprehensive Gifts Campaign

Several initiatives related to improving advancement activities on campus.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.2: Increasing and Improving Instructional Space

Regularly upgrade the technology in classrooms and teaching laboratories.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.3: Development of a Comprehensive Space Process

Obtain more physical space for growth and develop efficient utilization of existing and new spaces.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.4: Network High Speed Redundant Link to the Internet

Add a second high-speed Internet link to the University to satisfy increased demand for bandwidth and serve as a back-up connection in case of unexpected damage to the first.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.5: Infrastructure to support Distance Learning

Increase equipment, network capacity, space and staff in support of distance education offerings on campus.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.6: Enhance Creative Activities and Research Infrastructure

Increase hires and training for technical and compliance support staff.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.7: Support Staff Required to Maintain and Operate New Buildings and Additions

Maintain the new buildings and additions on campus with increased support staff, safety features, cleaning materials, etc.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.8: Emphasize Broad-Based Engagement Activities

Engage alumni capable of giving a major gift to their University through activities such as events and other opportunities to interface with current students and University operations.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

SP5.9: Establish a Process for Vetting and Prioritizing Projects

Develop avenues for donors to contribute to specific, high-priority Road Map proposals.

Progress Report: 9/12/2014

Last Updated: 9/12/14