Team Members

Liz Abate Liz Abate
Assistant to the Provost/
Assistant for Undergraduate Education
and Learning
Affiliation: Staff Member

Wimer Alberto    Wimer Alberto
Resident Director of Broome Hall, Newing College
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member, Student
Major: BA Sociology, MS Student Affairs Adm; 2009, 2014 

Morgan Appel Morgan Appel
Program Coordinator, Dean of Students Office
Affiliation: Alumna, Community Partner, Staff Member
Major: Comparative Literature, Student Affairs Adm; 2010, 2011 

Yarden Avnor Yarden Avnor
Peer Advisor, Psychology Department
Affiliation: Student, 2015

M. Eileen Bauer-Hagerbaumer  Eileen Bauer-Hagerbaumer
Assistant Director, Employer Relations
Career Development Center
Affiliation: Staff Member

Cheryl Brown Cheryl Brown
Special Assistant to the Provost for Retention
Academic A, Enrollment Management
Affiliation: Alumna, Donor, Staff Member, University Retiree
Major: BA English, MASS; 1974, 1988 

Elizabeth Carter  Liz Carter
Executive Director for Student Services
Student Affairs Department
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member

David Cingranelli David Cingranelli
Political Science, Binghamton University
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Aaron Cohen Aaron Cohn
People & Change Consultant
PwC, New York
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: Accounting, Consulting & Leadership; 2011 

Rachel Coker Rachel Coker
Director of Research Advancement
Office Of Research Advancement
Affiliation: Staff Member

Matthew DeSaro Matthew DeSaro
Law Student, Brooklyn Law School
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor
Major: BS Mgmt, BA Political Science, MPA; 2009, 2011 

Matthew DeSaro Mike Elmore
Director and Visiting Associate Professor
Engineering Design Division
Affiliation: Alumnus, Donor
Major: Faculty Member

Nasrin Fatima Nasrin Fatima
Assistant Provost and Director
Institutional Research and Assessment
Affiliation:  Staff Member

Timothy Faughnan Tim Faughnan
Chief Of Police, University Police
Affiliation: Staff Member

Jeffery Gates Jeffery Gates
Director of Enrollment Services
SUNY System Administration
Affiliation: Alumnus
Major: MA Social Sciences, 2005 

Christopher Giamanco Chris Giamanco
Resident assistant / Management Consultant
Newing College / New York
Affiliation: Donor, Staff Member, Student
Major: Finance, Leadership & Consulting, Economics; 2013 

Lawrence Greenfield Larry Greenfield
Director, Harpur Academic Advising
Affiliation: Staff Member

Teddy Gyamfi Teddy Gyamfi
Student Assistance, Bartle Library
Affiliation: Student
Major: Africana Studies, 2013 

Amy Hanford Amy Hanford
Commencement & Communications Coordinator
Enrollment Management
Affiliation: Staff Member

Sandra Harper Sandra Harper
Affiliation: Student
Major: Human Development, 2013 

Kim Jaussi Kim Jaussi
School Of Management
Affiliation: Faculty member

Angelique Jenks-Brown Angelique Jenks-Brown
Subjects Librarian, University Libraries
Affiliation: Faculty member

Gerard.E Johansen Gerry Johansen
Senior Counselor, University Counseling Center
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member
Major: MSW, MASS; 2000 

Danielle Kutas Danielle Kutas
Affiliation: Student
Major: Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 2013 

Danielle Levin Danielle Levin
Senior Counselor
Affiliation: Student
Major: Studio Art, Concentration in Graphic Design; 2015

Sarah Maximiek Sarah Maximiek
Associate Librarian, University Libraries
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Janice McDonald Janice McDonald
Director, Office of External Scholarships and Fellowships
Director, Undergraduate Research Center
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member
Major: MA Anthropology, 1976 

Roxanne Mestre Roxanne Mestre
Associate Director, Student Accounts Office
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: MA Social Science, 2001 

male silhouette Seth Mishan
Affiliation: Student
Major: Acct Conc, Financial Engineering, Math Minor; 2014

Pete Nardone Pete Nardone
Assistant Director
New Student Programs, Student Affairs
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member
Major: BA Psychology, Masters Social Work; 2005, 2007 

Birgit Nicolaisen Birgit Nicolaisen
Program Aide
Center for Learning and Teaching
Affiliation: Alumnus, Staff Member
Major: BA English, MA Social Science; 1988, 1999 

Beth Nowak Beth Nowak
Course Building Coordinator
Course Building and Academic Space Management, Binghamton University
Affiliation: staff Member

Neil Christian Pages Neil Christian Pages
Associate Professor for German and Russian Studies
Comparative Literature
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Sara Parrish Sara Parrish
Consultant, Protiviti
Affiliation: Alumna
Major: Accounting, 2011 

Nancy Paul Nancy Paul
Director, Career Development Center
Affiliation: Staff Member

Jerry Pomeranz Jerry Pomeranz
Affiliation: Student
Major: Math, 2013 

Ravi Prakriya Ravi Prakriya
Affiliation: Student
Major: Financial Engineering, 2013 

Steve Rebello Steve Rebello
Academic Counselor, Student Affairs
Affiliation: Community Partner, Staff Member

Daniel Romberger Daniel Romberger
Affiliation: Student
Major: Actuarial Science, Music, Economics; 2013

Frank Saraceno Frank Saraceno
Associate Director and Technical Architect
Information Technology Services
Affiliation: Staff Member

Ed Scott Ed Scott
Associate Athletic Director
Affiliation: Staff Member

Brandy Smith Brandy Smith
Recruitment and Assessment Coordinator
Carrer Development Center
Affiliation: Staff Member

Betsy Staff Betsy Staff
Coordinator, New Student Programs
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: MS in Student Affairs Adm, 2011 

Doug Summerville Doug Summerville
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Casey Wall Casey Wall
Assistant Director
Residential Life - Newing College
Affiliation: Staff Member

Lorna Wells Lorna Wells
Director, Watson School Advising Office
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member

Kevin Wright Kevin Wright
Professor / Faculty Master Mountainview College
Human Development
Affiliation: Faculty Member

Vanessa Young Vanessa Young
Sr. Associate Director / Sr. Academic Counselor
Educational Opportunity Program
Affiliation: Alumna, Staff Member
Major: Sociology and African American Studies 

Didi Zangh Didi Zhang
Affiliation: Student
Major: Economics & Mathematics, 2015

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