November 16

Student Success: Team Vision

Five Years

In five years: Binghamton University will be a vibrant community filled with inspiring, student-centered activities that foster excellence in learning and encourage intellectual curiosity in ways that reflect our goals of developing intellectual abilities, conducting cutting-edge research and providing effective teaching.

We will recruit outstanding individuals for our undergraduate and graduate programs and will be recognized for curricula that stress global competency, leadership, ethics and the ability to contribute positively to society. Each student will receive the support, nurturing and mentoring needed to maximize their personal and professional development. The campus will make use of the best of current technology for delivery of instruction and all graduates will be proficient users of technology.

Cross-disciplinary programs and programs that address the needs and opportunities of the future will differentiate us from other universities. As we build upon a pervasive culture of achievement, students will spend much of their time growing their expertise and problem solving skills through non-traditional venues that emphasize experiential learning, often involving external stakeholders.

Alumni of Binghamton University will be sought after by employers of choice and tier 1 graduate schools and will be known for their ability to adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Student success will be measured by such key indicators as learning assessments, scholarly achievements, student retention and graduation, timely degree completion, campus and community engagement, health and well-being, job and graduate school placement, student satisfaction and alumni involvement, connections and support.

Twenty Years

As a premier public, Binghamton will provide the benchmark for student success by offering the best practices in areas that connect research with teaching, encouraging global engagement, fostering student wellness, empathy, and leadership development. We will be known not only by our "value" or price, but by the vision and content of what we do as a community of scholars.

Progress to date: The SS team continues to grapple with the scope of student success but we are close to arriving at an operational definition. Along with generating the vision statements, here is a synthesis of our deliberations (via basecamp and meetings) during the last two weeks:

Product: Student success at Binghamton University encompasses both undergraduate and graduate students seeking personal and professional outcomes that are driven by a rigorous academic environment, engagement in the global community, and experiential opportunities to advance as contributing and ethical members of their field and society. A successful BU student is one who, upon graduation, is:

1. Knowledgeable
3. Globally aware and engaged
5. A critical thinker and problem solver
7. Able to connect theory and practice
9. Financially viable (they have zero to low debt)

2. An outstanding communicator
4. Ethical
6. A Leader
8. Ready for Life-long
10. Adaptable/Nimble

Process: Success begins with talented and diverse students who are given the necessary tools and support to excel in an environment of academic rigor. Based on continual learning and application of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, academic excellence is attained via outstanding scholarship, research and other creative endeavors. As a premier public, significant value is added via academic and professional development programs that build upon previous experiences, such that each student grows personally and professionally both maximally and optimally.

Assessment: Assessment of these outcomes is based on two kinds of metrics: the standard metrics for comparison with other universities and individualistic metrics that reflect the goals and aspirations of each student.

Next Step: SWOT Analysis

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Last Updated: 11/16/12