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June 30, 2012

Alumni Association launches Engagement Initiative

The Alumni Association serves as the umbrella organization for all alumni, a formidable group now 109,000 strong. Working with President Harvey Stenger, the Alumni Association Board seeks to reinforce how much alumni are valued by the University and how critical it is for alumni to be engaged in the life of their alma mater.

A recent alumni survey indicated how passionate Binghamton alumni are about their experience at Binghamton and how it has prepared them for their life experiences. The Alumni Association engagement initiative has been launched to tap into that passion and reinvigorate alumni by giving back through volunteer efforts. President Stenger has embraced this strategy in his first six months on campus and has specifically asked alumni to volunteer as he has been introduced to alumni audiences.

The goal is for every graduate, every year, to do the following:

  • stay informed about the University
  • get involved in the life of the University
  • visibly display pride in their alma mater
  • donate an affordable cash gift

To get more involved today, visit or contact