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June 30, 2012
Binghamton launches Healthcare Initiative

Photo by Jonathan Cohen
Mohammad Khasawneh, associate professor of systems science and industrial engineering, is one of many researchers involved in Binghamton University's Healthcare Initiative.

Binghamton launches Healthcare Initiative

Binghamton University is developing a campus-wide Healthcare Initiative, combining expertise in life sciences with researchers from chemistry, physics, computer science, mechanical engineering, systems and industrial engineering and other areas.

The initiative will advance research and scholarly activity in health and related sciences and engineering, bring multidisciplinary faculty teams together, seek areas that have a broad impact on society, enhance related educational programming and establish Binghamton University, the region and New York state as a center for research on healthcare innovations.

Faculty teams are now forming around several topics. For the latest news about Binghamton research related to healthcare — in fields ranging from nanotechnology to nursing — visit