President's Report Masthead
December 31, 2012

Provost Doctoral Fellowships

A new fellowship program to attract the very best PhD candidates to Binghamton has been established by Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Donald Nieman.

“Offering competitive stipends is critical to attracting the very best PhD students,” Nieman said. “Once here, these students contribute immeasurably to Binghamton University’s strength and reputation as a research university. 

Though the University raised doctoral stipend levels in 2007, bringing them to the 75th percentile of peer institutions, they’ve remained flat since then. “Many departments now lose some of their best applicants to other institutions because our stipends are not competitive,” Nieman said.

Although NYSUNY 2020 will generate significant new resources, it will not allow Binghamton to make significant investment into raising stipends across-the-board, so Nieman’s office has identified funds that can be used to enhance stipends for top recruits. 

“We will use the funds to create a new category of graduate assistantship — Provost’s Doctoral Research Fellows,” Nieman said. “Students awarded these fellowships will have normal assistantship responsibilities but will receive $4,000 summer fellowships in addition to their academic year assistantships.”