President's Report Masthead
December 31, 2012

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a non-credit-based volunteer activity for students. Participants receive a certificate for completion of their program requirements. In fall 2012, 265 students applied for the program and 78 were accepted. Of the initial 78 participants, 74 students completed all ELP certificate requirements.

Groups of 12 students meet in “knowledge communities” (KCs), led by a leadership team consisting of two upper-class peer mentors with a faculty and administrative professional staff member as advisors. This fall, there were six KCs:
    • Arts/Humanities: sponsoring educational programming for children at the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier; working with Discovery Center staff to staff an “art station,” “music station” and “literature station” during the Australian Aboriginal event at the Discovery Center. Actitivities included stations for children to complete art projects, listen to music played on original instruments and see a folktale displaying Australian Aboriginal culture.

    • Business/Entrepreneurship: creating an “Insider’s Guide to Downtown Discounts” brochure, distributed widely to students on campus through tabling and direct distribution, all in partnership with local businesses to publicize restaurants, personal care and entertainment discounts for students, with a map highlighting each business

    • Environment/Ecology: educational tabling at the Oakdale Mall to work with families (especially children) on educational topics related to the environment; activities designed to have fun while learning including spinning a wheel of ecology and environment to answer specific questions, animal riddles and trivia with bones, and a recycling “shoot out”  about what can and cannot be recycled

    • Globalism: educational tabling on issues of Fair Trade, where clothing items come from/how it’s made, asking students to make a pledge (using supplies at table) to choose fairly traded options when making purchases

    • Public Service: volunteering with the Campus Pre-School to take children through the Binghamton University greenhouse, volunteering with the Urban League After-School program in downtown Binghamton

    • Sports/Recreation/Wellness: volunteering at VINES in downtown Binghamton and creating/hosting a volleyball tournament to support the VINES organization, 14 teams competed in a tournament at the East Gym with funds going to VINES

The ELP also brought in many guests for a Leadership in Action Workshop where students were mentored.

    • Dawn Osborne-Adams, University Ombudsman
    • David Archer, adjunct lecturer for the Binghamton University Graduate School of Education and former coach of Binghamton University’s men’s basketball team. 
    • Elizabeth Carter, Binghamton University alumna and executive director of Student Services
    • Margaret “Pokey” Crocker, Binghamton University alumna and executive director of the Discovery Center of the Southern Tier
    • David Currie, executive director of the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BSRC)
    • Patti Dowd, program coordinator for Wellness Services and Group Exercise at Binghamton University
    • Kathryn Fletcher, Binghamton University alumna and current CEO of a start-up company, BiziLife Ventures
    • David Hagerbaumer, executive director of the Student Association at Binghamton University
    • Andrew Horowitz, Binghamton University alumnus and artist-in-residence/adjunct faculty member in choreography for the Theatre Department
    • Les Howard, director of resource development and communications for the United Way of Broome County
    • Peter Knuepfer, associate professor of Geological Sciences/director of ENVS program at Binghamton University
    • Katherine Krebs, vice provost for international education and director of International Programs)
    • Donald Loewen, vice provost for undergraduate education and associate professor and chair of German and Russian Studies
    • Donna Lupardo, Binghamton University alumna and NY State Assemblywoman
    • Christopher Paquette, Binghamton University alumnus and current PhD student; co-founder and CEO of IdeaReef
    • Brian Rose, vice president of student affairs
    • Matthew Ryan, Binghamton University alumnus and mayor of the city of Binghamton
    • Ed Scott, associate director of athletics for student services
    • President Harvey Stenger
    • H. Stephen Straight, professor emeritus of anthropology and linguistics
    • Lea Webb, Binghamton University alumna and Binghamton City Council representative
    • Peggy Wozniak, superintendent of the Binghamton City School District