President's Report Masthead
March 31, 2013

Educational Opportunity Program, Binghamton Enrichment Program

Beginning in the summer of 2013, the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Summer Program, locally known as the Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP), will implement exciting academic changes: For the first time in the program’s history (established in 1968), students will receive academic credit for all BEP courses.

Through wonderful collaboration between EOP and University faculty in mathematical sciences (MATH), the Writing Initiative (WRIT), geography (GEOG) and human development (HDEV), EOP has been able to provide rigorous courses during the summer program in an effort to provide an exciting, enriching and academically intense experience to our EOP freshmen. These courses have all been endorsed by the department chairs and are being spearheaded by Binghamton University faculty.

Each BEP student will be enrolled in MATH 100A: Algebra Enrichment I, MATH 100B: Algebra Enrichment II or MATH 100C: Algebra Enrichment III, depending on his/her pre-test scores. Students will have the opportunity to earn two (2) credits for taking the course.

Each student will also be enrolled in WRIT 101: Bridging Academic Writing, and he/she will have the opportunity to earn two (2) credits along with the Harpur Writing “W” General Education requirement. This course will have a common syllabus that each of the instructors and students will follow throughout the summer.

Also this summer, students will have the opportunity to enroll in either HDEV 107: Culture and Context in Development or GEOG 103: Multi-Cultural Geographies of U.S., which carry the Global Interdependencies “G” General Education requirement and the Pluralism in the U.S. “P” General Education requirement, respectively.

EOP is thrilled to be able to grant more flexibility and choices for its students, and still provide them with an opportunity to earn eight (8) credits for participating in the BEP summer program.

Binghamton University now becomes the only EOP Summer Program in New York state where all of the classes taken during the experience are credit-bearing.