President's Report Masthead
March 31, 2013

Road Map update

The Division of Academic Affairs is playing an integral role as the University’s strategic plan – the Road Map – enters its implementation phase. Of the 46 proposals moving forward, the following 21 have been claimed by Provost Donald Nieman to champion and implement, as listed under their appropriate Strategic Priorities:

“The premier public university of the 21st century will…

“…engage in path-breaking, graduate education, research, scholarship and creative activities that shape the world.”
    • CAR32 – Develop a Plan for Attaining Membership in the Association of Research Libraries
    • CAR14 – Establish a New College or School in the Life Sciences
    • CAR23 – Library Support to Develop Collections for New Programs and Departments
    • RR1 – Joining the Association of American Universities (AAU)
    • CAR26 – Raise Majority of PhD Programs to 50th percentile or Above
    • CAR4 – Recruit Top Quality PhD students
    • SS8/CAR5 – Adopt Strategies for Investment to Create Exponential (Non-Linear) Increases in Extramural Funding/STARS, Strategic, Targeted Academic Research Support

“…provide a transformative learning community that prepares students for advanced education, careers and purposeful living.”

    • AL2 – Enhanced Center for Learning and Teaching
    • AL3 – Core Competencies for Binghamton University Undergraduates
    • SS1 – Developing a Premier Student Experience Through Academic Advising
    • GE2 – EASSE into Premier: Expanding Academic Skills and Support in English
    • RR5 – Fostering a Culture of Undergraduate Research
    • SS6 – Gateways to Success: Teaching Introductory Courses as “Flipped,” Mastery, Residential-based Classes
    • SS10 – Task Force Study of Approaches to Graduate Study Success
    • AL12 – High Impact Learning Experiences
    • AL4 – The Role of Online Learning in a Premier University
    • AL1 – Innovative and/or Technology-enabled Teaching in Semester-long Courses

“…united to foster a diverse and include campus culture.”

    • D9 – Explore Increasing Scholarship to Aid Recruiting Diverse Students, Undergraduate and Graduate

“enhance the University’s economic, social and cultural impact through engagement from the local to the global level.”

    • GE3 – Bringing the World’s Best and Brightest Students to Binghamton University
    • GE1 – Creating a Nexus for Global Engagement: The Global Center
    • GE4 – Promote International Student Success, Retention and Cultural Integration through Outstanding Programs and Services
    • GE8 – Strengthen the Existing Opportunities for Students to Engage in Education Abroad