President's Report Masthead
June 30, 2013

Services for Students with Disabilities adaptive technology

As an early Road Map initiative in the diversity and inclusiveness area, the Services for Students with Disabilities Office (SSD) is adding a full-time staff member—Binghamton graduate Kady Perry—and new student staff, hardware and software to better support students who need educational materials converted into alternative formats including Braille, audio, large-print text, etc. The proliferation of hybrid classes that include significant online learning components has made providing alternative format materials increasingly challenging. We are pleased to be able to add resources under the Road Map plan to better meet the needs of all our students.

One student who gained notice as he graduated in May, Michael Forzano, utilized the services of SSD throughout his four years at Binghamton. Forzano, born blind and with a severe hearing impairment, praised the SSD office for its work to make educational materials accessible to him.

For more on Forzano, read Inside and watch the video.