President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2013

Other construction updates

Classrooms added in Old Dickinson buildings

Construction was completed this summer and classes are now being held in renovated lounge space in old Dickinson buildings. One 36-seat classroom was created from lounge space in Old Rafuse and another was constructed in Old Digman.

A larger project is under way in Old Whitney where two classrooms will be created and plans are being developed to provide additional space for our growing academic program. The project will include code and energy updates, new windows and a new roof. Work will be complete in August 2014. A classroom will also be created in Old Champlain and is also scheduled for completion in August 2014. The classroom additions are supporting plans for additional faculty hiring and a demand for more classroom space.

Old O’Connor/Johnson renovations

Work is getting under way in the Old O’Connor/Johnson residence halls. The buildings are being re-purposed to create office space for Information Technology Services, the Department of Geography and the Counseling Center. Space in the buildings will also house Division of Advancement functions such as for the Binghamton University Foundation and Office of Alumni Relations, including an alumni lounge. The project includes a connector between Old Johnson and Old O’Connor that will provide a common entry for both buildings. Work will wrap up in late 2014.

University Union renovations

Construction will be wrapping up at the end of the year on University Union renovations. A new food service area – The Marketplace – will open in January and feature an open marketplace design with gathering spaces and Italian, Asian, Indian and other types of cuisine, as well as a Starbucks.

The old north portion of the University Union is also under renovation. The renovated space will house several key student services including the Career Development Center, the Center for Civic Engagement, the Tutoring Center, the Educational Opportunity Program and TRiO. A glass rotunda and atrium, both facing the Peace Quad, will add additional space to the building.

Dickinson Hall renovation

Construction and renovation of Dickinson Hall is progressing and will transform the former dining hall into offices for student accounts, the registrar, financial aid and admissions recruiting will be relocated there in summer 2014.

The project involves adding 13,000 square-feet to the existing building, renovating existing space and installing new building mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Engineering Building renovations

Work was completed this summer on renovations of the third floor of the Engineering Building. The project provided new office, lab, classroom and conference space for the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science. New restrooms and mechanical systems were also part of the renovation.
Summer projects

A variety of smaller projects took place over the summer.

  - Carpet replacements took place in Adirondack, Belmont, Darien and Evangola in the Hillside Community. 
  - Counter and bathtub replacements and room painting were also completed in Adirondack, Belmont, Catskill, Darien, Evangola, Filmore and Choconut.
  - A boiler was replaced in Minnewaska.
  - Corridor upgrades were completed in Fine Arts, the Library, Science 1 and Science 2.
  - Restroom renovations were also completed in Fine Arts, the Anderson Center and the Administration Building
  - Landscaping improvements were made at the Administration and Fine Arts buildings and outside the Lecture Hall.
  - Outdoor lighting was upgraded along Glenn G. Bartle Drive and the walkway to the Innovative Technology Complex.
  - A Frisbee golf course – Disc Golf – was created on the east side of campus near the cross country course.