President's Report Masthead
September 30, 2013

Information Technology Services initiatives


Completed A/V designs forPhase 2 of the University Union and Marketplace, as well as renovations to Old O’Connor and Old Johnson halls and Engineering Phase 1 and the Center of Excellence Building

President Obama’s Visit

Provided extensive support installing telephones in strategic locations, shutting off access to the main campus message boards, securing the campus network as requested by White House staff, providing staff on stand-by to insure the network was operational and stable, changing access to various buildings and shutting off all security cameras in the University Union and presidential route. Estimate of 151.5 person-hours spent in preparation

Business System change

Worked closely with SUNY Central Administration and other SUNY campuses to successfully complete the migration from the Oracle E-Business suite to SUNY HR and Financials.

Move-in Day

Several ITS staff volunteered to assist in various capacities during move in day.

Infrastructure upgrades

    •  Redundant Internet
      •  Completed installation to provide a backup to the current Internet fiber path so that a failure in the cable currently serving the campus will not interrupt campus Internet service.
    •  Upgraded 81 computers in the Academic A public computing lab
    •  Configured and replaced 15 computers in the School of management computing lab
    •  Designed, installed and configured two new computer classrooms with 42 machines for the Art Department.
    • Upgraded Echo360
    • Helped in renovation of new classrooms in Old Digman and Old Rafuse
    • Completed electrical upgrades in server farm location.
    • Upgraded storage upgrade for virtualized environment.
    • Completed renovations in LH-8, making it the first all-digital classroom on campus.
    • Installed new fiber feed to connect Time Warner Cable to the Event Center to improve quality of special-event broadcasts (i.e. Commencement, etc)
    • Completed relocation of the main Verizon copper cable feeding the campus to make way for a new elevator shaft in the remodeled University Union
    • Rerouted underground copper and fiber cables to clear the way for the addition to the Dickinson Hall project
    • Provided installation support for the University Union Undergrounds Café video wall
    • Completed the selection process for the campus VoIP telephone system
    • Installed data, cable TV, wireless, door access and security camera services for the East Campus Housing buildings 5-8, the Science 5 basement renovation project and the second- and third-floor Engineering Building renovation projects
    • Completed a project to rewire the Bingham Hall door access system
    •  Installed 141 dormitory hallway emergency telephones
    •  Installed 28 data drops to support new wireless access points in the Lecture Hall
    •  Deployed a new Cisco 6513 core router.
    •  Installed a new appliance-based system (BlueCat) to consolidate and provide redundancy for the DNS, DHCP and IPAM services for the campus.
    •  Replaced the Computer Science Server Network with state-of-the-art network switches.
    •  Fitted the final phase of the East Campus Housing Project with switching and wireless technology (53 network switches, 295 wireless access points and control equipment).
    •  Deployed QOS on the network to pave the way to VoIP (Voice over IP) services on the campus.
    •  Upgraded the Hillside and Susquehanna residential complexes with the latest wireless network technology.
    •  Deployed Cisco’s ISE (Identity Services Engine) to manage end users of the wireless network.
    •  Deployed Cloudpath’s XPressConnect to allow users to connect more quickly to the encrypted wireless network.
    •  Upgraded the Juniper SSL VPN appliance to newer technology to allow for Windows 8 and Mac OS connectivity.
    •  Restructured the campus wireless to enhance security and usability, addressing changing wireless trends.
    •  Increased Internet bandwidth by 50 percent and Increased per student bandwidth cap (doubled), without increasing costs.
    •  Upgraded the wireless network in the lecture halls to allow for high-density computing and faster connection speeds.
    •  Signed a contract to install a redundant commodity Internet connection for the campus.
    •  Upgraded the wireless network to WiSM2 controller technology to allow for faster throughput and failover redundancy.
    •  Upgraded the wireless network management system to Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
    •  Added two servers to the VMware ESX production cluster (now totaling 10 servers) supporting over 154 virtual servers.
    •  Added over 200TB of storage to the VMware cluster including 65TB of high-speed storage for high-speed transactional processing and database transactions.
    •  Upgraded the switching environment for the VMware cluster to provide 10GB connectivity and path redundancy to the storage environment.
    •  Created a new SQL 2012 environment to phase out the existing SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 environments.
    •  Implemented VSS (Virtual Switching System) on the core network equipment to allow for redundancy in core network functions.
    •  Upgraded all of the core data center routers and switching gear to the latest IOS and control versions.
    •  Replaced switches in the PODS to allow for 1GB connections and faster restore times.
    •  Created a private cloud infrastructure for the architectural design work for the Smart Energy Building Project.
    •  Installed and will manage four servers and over 200 cameras for the campus CCTV system.
    • Upgraded power and battery backup power in various server locations.

Miscellaneous accomplishments

    •  Completed the Commencement 2013 video production.
    •  Binghamton University became a member of InCommon Federation.
    •  Replaced the ITS System Status web page with a new System Status Dashboard which is easier to read and offers new functionality.
    •  Provided University training for new systems: Kronos, DegreeWorks and OmniUpdate.
    •  Converted Medieval Spanish disk from WordPerfect to MsWork.
    •  Began hosting the Mixed Race Initiative for the Asian American Literary Review Magazine.
    • So far this year, ITS has recycled over 9 tons and delivered 14 pallets of e-waste and nine power pack pallets of phones for processing. We assisted the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science in locating PCs that they recycled in error. Three CPUs were located that might be the ones in question. Additionally, 52 hard drives were taken back to scan to see if any contained software needed for a project that was underway.

Application upgrades

    • Migrated all Banner INB application servers from a physical to a virtual machine.
    • Migrated SIRIS Web Proxy servers from decommissioned app servers to database servers (per SICAS standards)
    • Implemented load balancer for Banner application servers to allow for multiple application servers to distribute system load during registration and other critical Banner events.
    • Implemented infrastructure for BEIS/SSO Manager – deployed as part of BEIS implementation project for Banner single-sign on with Degree Works.
    • Implemented infrastructure for CAS authentication – deployed as part of BEIS implementation project for Banner single-sign on with Degree Works, Campus Portal and other heterogeneous projects.
    • Migrated T2 parking database from Solaris to Linux on a Virtual Server
    • Migrated Adirondack residential life database from Solaris to Linux on a Virtual Server
Migrated and upgraded Kronos application and database from Solaris to Linux on a Virtual Server
    • Migrated database server for Accounts Management, Faculty Reporting, Hyperion, Password Change, among others from Solaris to Linux on a Virtual Server
    • Upgraded Banner SSB dev/test WebLogic servers from 11gR1 to v. 11gR2
    • Upgraded Banner SSB production WebLogic servers from 11gR1 to v. 11gR2
    • DegreeWorks replaced DARS for new students.
    • Replaced Physical Facilities work order system, Famis, with Maximo.
    • Replaced HR Forms with new SUNY HR based HR Forms
    • SUNY Federated Authentication project (SUNY Employee Services Portal)
    • B-Engaged authentication (merger of PAWS and B-Involved)
    • Enhanced the campus reporting database, ODS in the areas of financial aid application data, scholarship data, classroom information, health and safety training information, SUNY HR data.