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September 30, 2013
Opening of East Campus Housing and new student Move-in Day

Jonathan Cohen
Members of the Welcome Crew load a laundry cart with a new student's belongings for delivery to the residence hall.

Opening of East Campus Housing and new student Move-in Day

On Aug. 22, the new Dickinson Community residence halls opened for the first time to new students. The opening of these residence halls presented new challenges to the University because there are now nearly 3,000 students living in the East Campus complex. Through months of planning, a new strategy to accommodate so many students arriving on the same day at the same location was developed. Planning participants included the University Police, the Division of Student Affairs, Residential Life, Physical Facilities and other on- and off-campus organizations.

Staff from the Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE) also assisted in the planning and were deployed on Move-in Day to perform an engineering study and analysis of traffic, pedestrian behavior and other operations associated with move-in activities.
On Move-in Day, a command post was set up at the University Police Station, functioning under the structure of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and staffed by representatives of all of the involved campus departments. It served as a central point of contact for information and logistics for the day. Police recruits who are currently attending the Zone 6 Municipal Police Academy also worked on campus to assist in traffic control. 

As a result of this collaborative effort across divisions, the day was deemed a success. A review of the overall effort is under way to improve on the entire operation for the coming years.