About Us

Our Mission

The Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project is dedicated to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) people in upstate NY achieve their goals of building and sustaining healthy families. We do this by providing support, advocacy, information, and access to community as well as sensitive health care and services.

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Our Vision

The Project envisions itself as a leader in bringing about a State of New York in which LGBTQ families are valued and feel safe enough to be visible in our communities -- where we are physically and emotionally healthy and legally secure, where we live without fear, stigma or isolation.

Our History

The Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project was founded in 2000 with a grant from the New York State Dept. of Health (NYSDOH) to the Ferre Institute, Inc. in Binghamton, NY. In October 2013 we moved our offices and affiliation to the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Binghamton University. Since 2002, the Project has been active as one of 50 member organizations of the NYS LGBT Health and Human Services Network. The Project's latest round of funding, a 5-year, $617,000 competitive grant award from NYS Department of Health (Non-AIDS/HIV LGBT Health and Human Services funding stream) began in October 2013. Funding is through the Research Foundation for SUNY.

Our Staff and Administration

Claudia E. Stallman


Project Director  cstallma at binghamton.edu

Elif Sendur


Program Coordinator  pajf at binghamton.edu

Mayumi Park


Program Assistant prideandjoyfamilies at gmail.com

Maura Bainbridge


Graduate Assistant /Health Educator prideandjoyfamilies at gmail.com


Dr. Sean Massey, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Principal Investigator

Dr. Dara Silberstein, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Co-Principal Investigator

Our Advisory Boards

Community Advisory Board

Alison Beach, Ithaca
Gary Berk, MD, DeKalb Junction
Mary Ann Radford, Syracuse
Brian Frank, PhD, Albany
Anibal Garcia, Tivoli
Erin Gotthardt, MSW, Binghamton
Peg Johnston, Binghamton
Betsy Koffman, PhD, Binghamton
David Ruston, MSW, Binghamton
Vince Sgambati, Syracuse
Marian Stern, Binghamton
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Waters, Syracuse

Multidisciplinary Scholarly Advisory Board

A Serdar Atav, Decker School of Nursing
Matthew D. Johnson, Dept. of Psychology
Richard Mattson, Dept. of Psychology
Ann Merriwether, CCPA Human Development and Psychology
Kevin N. Wright, CCPA Human Development
Sarah Young, Social Work


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Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project
Binghamton University, LN-2408 
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

phone: 607.777.3717

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