For Therapists with Authorized Access

Clinical Manual

Clinic Manual Appendices

A. Phone Intake Form (doc, 106kb)
B1. Adult Intake (doc, 49kb)
B2. Couples Intake Form (doc, 49kb)
B3. Child Intake (doc, 45kb)
C. Introduction To The Psych Clinic (doc, 111kb)
D. Guide To Psychotherapy (doc, 41kb)
E. Patient Information Form (doc, 106kb)
E1. History And Personal Data Questionnaire (doc, 66kb)
F. Research & Training Consent Form (doc, 102kb)
G. Consent For Recording & Observation (doc, 102kb)
H1. Fee Info Sheet (doc, 25kb)
H2. Agreement To Guarantee Payment (doc, 82kb)
H3. Payment Guarantee Conditions (doc, 106kb)
H4. Fee Policy (doc, 82kb)
H5. Request For Fee Change (doc, 82kb)
I. Case Assignment Notification (doc, 45kb)
J. Client Information Sheet (doc, 29kb)
K. Clinical Record Checklist (doc, 82kb)
L. Contact Sheet Example (doc, 106kb)
M. Request For Rita To Type Release Of Info Form (doc, 33kb)
N. Authorization For Release Of Confidential Information (doc, 106kb)
O. Authorization For Release Of Confidential HIV Related Info (pdf, 401kb)
P1. Outline Of Assessment Report (doc, 33kb)
P2. Sample Assessment Report_Adult Client (doc, 102kb)
P3. Sample Assessment Report_Child Client (doc, 119kb)
P4. Assessment-Closing Example (doc, 111kb)
Q1. Therapy Note_Early Sessions (doc, 45kb)
Q2. Therapy Note (doc, 45kb)
R1. Guide To Completing Outpatient Treatment Reports (doc, 45kb)
R2. OTR Outline (doc, 33kb)
R3. Sample OTR (doc, 41kb)
S1. Outline Of Transfer Report (doc, 29kb)
S2. Sample Transfer Report (doc, 41kb)
T1. Termination Letter (doc, 29kb)
T2. Termination Checklist (doc, 85kb)
T3. Client Satisfaction Survey (doc, 33kb)
T4. End Of Therapy Procedures Letter (doc, 238kb)
U1. Outline Of Closing Report (doc, 33kb)
U2. Sample Closing Summary (doc, 37kb)
V. Psychotherapy Evaluation (doc, 57kb)
W. Evaluation Of Supervisor By Trainee (doc, 41kb)
X. Library Of The Psychological Clinic By Categories (doc, 186kb)
Y. Clinic Assessment Materials And Games (doc, 41kb)
Z. Case Conference Presentations 2007-2009 (doc, 33kb)


Last Updated: 5/21/15