Lab Members

Principal Investigator 

linda spearLinda Spear, PhD




Graduate Students 

melissa moralesMelissa Morales, MS 
I am currently investigating developmental differences for the involvement of the NMDA and GABA neurotransmitter systems in ethanol-induced social inhibition. Previously my research has focused on acute and chronic tolerance development to ethanol-induced social inhibition, as well as investigating the aversive and reinforcing properties of ethanol using the conditioned place preference paradigm.


jess sweattJess Sweatt, BS
I am interested in developmental differences in heart rate variability. Specifically, I am investigating possible age differences in the effects of stress and alcohol on parameters of heart rate variability in adult and adolescent rats.


carol dannenhoffer standing in labCarol Dannenhoffer, BA





alexander mccloryAlexander Mcclory



Affiliated Research Faculty

Elena Varlinskaya

Elena Varlinskaya, PhD 


Laboratory Technicians and Support Staff 

lynda ruffiniLynda Ruffini, LVT-RVT; lab technician 



judy sharpJudy Sharp, MT, ASCP; lab technician



suzanne rodriguezSuzanne Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Spear 



Undergraduate Research Assistants

 linda spear's lab 2011-2012


(Top Row) Melissa Morales, Kelly McCabe, Jessica Sweatt, Dr. Linda Spear, Rachel Anderson (Bottom Row) Amanda Willey, Lauren Benz, Dr. Elena Varlinskaya, Lee Na Chan, Tom Engels (senior), Peter Bush (senior), Maggie Broadwater, Ging Hoang (senior), Andrew Eng (senior), and Kelcie Shatz

undergraduate research in linda spear


(Third Row) Dr. Linda Spear, Melissa Morales, Maggie Broadwater, Jes Sweatt, Courtney Vetter-O'Hagen, Lynda Ruffini (Second Row) Samantha Wenta, Rita Mogilanski, Kelcie Schatz, Peter Bush, Ging Hoang, Dr. Elena Varlinskaya (First Row) Zach Snide, Steven Stavrou, Abigail Agoglia, Rachel Anderson, Amanda Willey

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