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Careers in Behavioral Neuroscience

Although the majority of students who are granted a PhD in behavioral neuroscience transition into a post-doctoral research position at various research universities, the degree is a stepping-stone to many careers.

Some recent graduates of our program have gone on to hold research and/or teaching positions at major universities, smaller liberal arts colleges and research centers. Others have become science writers in the private sector and several have obtained careers at pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies. A few students chose to work at various government agencies as scientific researchers or advisers.

These websites have useful information about careers in behavioral neuroscience:


Listed below are some past graduates from the Behavioral Neuroscience program, the laboratories in which they received their degrees, and their current positions.

Andrea Allan PhD  Isaacson  Professor, University of New Mexico  Medical School
Fadwa M.B. Al-Mughairbi PhD  Isaacson  Assistant Professor, University of the United Arab Emirates
Rachel Anderson PhD  L. Spear  Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Dept of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina
Moore H. Arnold PhD  N. Spear  Senior Scientist, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development
Michelle Bannoura PhD  N. Spear  Animal Trainer, Private Practice
Lora Becker PhD  Romero  Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Evansville, IN
Susan Brasser PhD  N. Spear  Assistant Professor San Diego State University
Margaret Broadwater L. Spear Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, October 2013-present
Steve Brunell PhD  L. Spear  Science Writer, Medlogix, San Diego, CA.
Domini Bryant PhD  Romero  Research Assistant Professor Washington University
James Campbell PhD  L. Spear  Michigan State VET School, Dept. of Physiology
Wei-Jung Andrew Chen PhD  N. Spear  Assistant Professor, Texas A & M Medical School
Sarah Cheslock PhD  N. Spear  Research Scientist, Lilly Pharmaceutical
Anne Danks PhD  Isaacson  Research Fellow, Merck Research Laboratories
John DeLuca PhD  Donovick  Director of Neuroscience Research, Kessler Institute
Kristin Dupre PhD  Bishop  Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland
Jeanne M. Fahey PhD  Isaacson  Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
Richard Fanelli PhD  Donovick  Purdue Pharma LP, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Charles Goodlett PhD  Donovick  Professor, Stark Neuroscience Research Institute, Indiana University School of Medicine
Gregory Goodwin PhD  L. Spear  Assistant Professor, Skidmore College
Nicholas Grahame PhD  Miller  On faculty at the Indiana University School of Medicine
Robert Hallock PhD  Di Lorenzo  Post Doctoral Research Associate: University of Colorado at Denver
John Hannigan PhD  Isaacson  Professor, C.S. Mott Center, Wayne State University
Gerald Hecht PhD  L. Spear  Associate Professor of Psychology, Southern University, Baton Rouge LA
Lisa Henry PhD  Witt  Post Doctoral Research Associate: Northwestern University
Charles Heyser PhD  L. Spear  Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College
Cara M. Hueston, PhD Deak Postdoctoral Researcher at University College Cork
Karen L. Jaunarajs, PhD Bishop Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Medicine
Cheryl Kirstein PhD  L. Spear  Associate Professor, University of South Florida
Kim Kraebel PhD  N. Spear  Assistant Professor, SUNY-Cortland
Christian Lemon PhD  Di Lorenzo  Research Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee at Memphis
David McKinzie PhD  N. Spear  Senior Biologist, Eli-Lilly, Indianapolis
Eileen Moore PhD  Boehm Fellow at San Diego State University (Postdoctoral Advisor, Ed Riley). Eileen was recently awarded a K99 from the NIAAA. 
Melissa Morales, PhD  L. Spear  Fellow in the Department of Physiology/Parmacologyat Wake Forest School of Medicine. 
Michael Nizhnikov PhD  N. Spear  Post Doctoral Research Associate: SUNY Binghamton & Upstate Medical Center
Courtney O'Hagen PhD  Boehm  Assistant Professor, SUNY Broome
Shane Pitkin PhD  Savage  Head Science Writer-Palio Communications, Saratoga Springs, NY
Donna Ramirez PhD  Savage  Post Doctoral Research Associate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Christian R. Reich  DiLorenzo  Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, Washington College MD
Sarah Sanders, PhD N. Spear Post Doctoral Research Associate for N. Spear, Binghamton University
Marisa Silveri PhD  L. Spear  Assistant Professor, McLean Hospital, Harvard University
Joe E. Springer PhD  Isaacson  Associate Professor, University of Kentucky Medical School
Paul W. Stewart PhD  Donovick  Associate Professor & Coordinator, Center for Neurobehavioral Effects of Environmental Toxins, SUNY Oswego
Julie Varner PhD  Isaacson  Assistant Director of Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, Lineberry Research Associates
Amanda R. Wiley, PhD L. Spear Assistant Professor, Bluefield State Collect, Bluefield, WV
Robin Wood PhD  L. Spear  Clinical Research Scientist II, Lineberry Research Associates
Jane Yang PhD  Romero  Post Doctoral Research Associate: Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY

Last Updated: 10/16/14