Lab Members

Graduate Students

Amanda Borrow

Amanda Borrow is from West Windsor, NJ, and received her B.A. In psychology from Rutgers University. Her research interests include the development of sexual dimorphism within the brain and the relationship between sex hormones and reproductive behavior. Her non-research interests include art, crossword puzzles, and going for walks with her dog, Snoop.

Liz Soehngen

Liz Soehngen is from Denver, CO and received her B.A. in Psychology from Knox College. Her research focuses on the role of kisspeptin in pubertal timing and the HPG axis. Her non-research interests include comic books, tea, and finding uses for her English minor.

Lab Assistants

Rachael A Clark

Tome Elyaguov

Roya Heydari

Jeremy Kermani

Marisa Levy

Salvatore Rametta

Nikki Safran

Madeline Stolow

Lab Alumni

Karen Prior

Graduate, Master's Degree, December 2010

"The Effects of Maternal Care on Female Reproductive Behavior in a Group Mating Environment"

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