Dr. Nicole Cameron, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Binghamton University
Psychology Department
Behavioral Neuroscience Program


Ph.D., Boston University, Boston, MA USA
Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Neuroendocrinology Laboratory and McGill Program for the Study of Behaviour, Genes and Environment

Teaching Philosophy

I think that mentoring involves a balance between guidance, structure, and encouragement of independence. Students should be guided in the development of relatively straightforward research projects that can yield publishable findings, while being provided with training in experimental methods. Students develop effective communication skills as part of their training by being given the opportunity to submit publications as well as to orally present their research. I am convinced that the best way to do high-quality research is to let students become actively involved intellectually and to contribute their own ideas to the research problem.

Classes Taught

  • Behavioral Neuroscience Lab PSYC 363
  • Psychobiology of Sex & Reproduction PSYC 473
  • Neurochemistry PSYC 573


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Last Updated: 9/23/14