Careers in Clinical Psychology

A degree in clinical psychology can open the door to a variety of careers. As demonstrated by the range of positions held by our own alumni, remaining in higher education or conducting post-doctoral research are not the only choices. In addition to research and/or teaching positions at major universities or smaller liberal arts colleges and research centers, our graduates hold positions in private practice as clinical psychologists, as well as child psychologists. Others work as school counselors or in psychiatry.


Listed below are the most recent graduates of the Clinical Psychology Program, their year of graduation, the laboratories in which they received their degrees and their current employer and professional position.

Casey Schofield PhD  2010  Meredith Coles Brown University Postdoctoral Fellow/Adjunct Faculty
Ashley Pietrefesa PhD  2010  Meredith Coles Boston Consortium Postdoctoral Fellow in PTSD
Sean O'Hagen PhD  2010  Stephen A. Lisman Binghamton VA Outpatient Clinic Staff Psychologist
Shannon Coleman PhD  2010  Meredith Coles VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Postdoctoral Fellow
Bethany Williams PhD  2010  Peter J. Donovick Texas A & M Health Sciences Center (Scott & White Memorial Hospital Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuropsychology
Michelle Jurado PhD  2010  Peter J. Donovick Rehabilitation and Education Society of Puerto Rico Consultant in Clinical Psychology/Therapist
Jessica Benas PhD  2009  Brandon E. Gibb Rutgers University - Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology Project Director
Dorothy Uhrlass PhD  2009  Brandon E. Gibb New York Presbyterian Hospital Postdoctoral Fellow
Sarah Crossett PhD  2009  Brandon E. Gibb Marcus Autism Center, Atlanta, GA Staff and Senior Psychologist
Michael Hallquist PhD  2009  Steven J. Lynn University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry Post-Doctoral Scholar
Abigail Matthews PhD  2009  Steven J. Lynn Children's Medical Center, Dallas, TX Primary Supervisor - Eating Disorders
Rebecca Osterhout PhD  2009  Matthew D. Johnson New Mexico VA Health Care System Staff Psychologist
Emily Huber PhD  2009  Raymond G. Romanczyk Institute of Child Development, Binghamton University Coordinator of Development, Research and Training/Adjunct Assistant Professor
Zachary Collins PhD  2008  Matthew D. Johnson Binghamton Veterans Center, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Clinical Psychologist
Rose Eagle PhD  2008  Raymond G. Romanczyk The Children's Program, Portland, OR Resident Psychologist
Oliver Fassler PhD  2008  Steven J. Lynn Greater Binghamton Health Center Staff Psychologist
Tammy Hammond PhD  2008  Raymond G. Romanczyk Private practice, Lexington, KY Behavioral Consultant
Betty Horng PhD  2007  Meredith Coles University of South Florida, Department of Pediatrics Assistant Professor
Deborah Rosenbaum PhD  2007  Stephen A. Lisman Needham Psychotherapy Associates Staff Psychologist
Dawnelle Paldino PhD  2007  Matthew D. Johnson VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Staff Psychologist
Joshua Knox PhD  2007  Steven J. Lynn St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital - Center for Intensive Treatment of Personality Supervising Psychologist
Laura Frame PhD  2007  Matthew D. Johnson Montefiore Medical Center (NYC) Attending Psychologist/Assistant Professor
Margaret S. Andover PhD  2006  Brandon E. Gibb Fordham University Assistant Professor
Allison Miller PhD  2006  Mark F. Lenzenweger Binghamton Veterans Center, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Team Leader and Clinical Psychologist
Richard Mattson PhD  2006  Matthew D. Johnson Binghamton University Assistant Professor
Emily Anderson PhD  2006  Peter J. Donovick Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health (Atlanta) Clinical Neuropsychologist
Jennifer Gillis PhD  2006  Raymond G. Romanczyk Binghamton University Assistant Professor
Laura Cramer PhD  2006  Stephen A. Lisman William Paterson University Assistant Professor

In addition to the recent graduates listed above, here is a small selection of other alumni from the preceding 25+ years.

Eric C. Meyer PhD  2005  Mark F. Lenzenweger Texas A & M Health Center Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
James MacKillop PhD  2005  Stephen A. Lisman University of Georgia Assistant Professor
Shawn P. Cahill PhD  2004  Stephen A. Lisman University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Psychology Assistant Professor
Holly Vanderhoff PhD  2004  Steven J. Lynn SUNY Update Medical University Director of Student Counseling Services, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Elisa Krackow PhD  2004  Steven J. Lynn West Virginia University, Department of Psychology Assistant Professor
Nabil El-Ghoroury PhD  2002  Alice G. Friedman American Psychological Association Associate Executive Director, APAGS
Jane Stafford PhD  2002  Steven J. Lynn University of South Carolina-Aiken, Department of Psychology Assistant Professor
Donna B. Pincus PhD  1999  Alice G. Friedman Boston University Associate Professor and Director of Research for the Child and Adolescent Fear and Anxiety Treatment Program
Amy L. Copeland PhD  1997  Thomas H. Brandon Louisiana State University, Department of Psychology Associate Professor and Director of the LSU Psychological Services Center
Stephen Rao PhD  1996  Jane M. Connor University of California-San Francisco Associate Clinical Professor
Peter J. D’Amico PhD  1995  Alice G. Friedman Schneider Children’s Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University Director and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Alicia Kaye Matthews PhD  1995  Ian M. Evans University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Health Systems Science Associate Professor
John S. Arrowood PhD  1994  Ian M. Evans Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto Primary Supervisor, Adult Forensic Outpatient Service
Kunsang Gyato PhD  1994  Ian M. Evans Long Island Jewish Health System North Shore Director, Pediatric Neuropsychology Fellowship Coordinator and Pediatric Neuropsychology Service Senior Neuropsychologist
Clara M. Bradizza PhD  1992  Stephen A. Lisman University of Buffalo, Research Institute on Addictions Principal Investigator
Joseph R. Scotti PhD  1992  Ian M. Evans West Virginia University, Department of Psychology Professor, Clinical Child Psychology
Denise Morita PhD  1991  Robert Isaacson Private practice, Binghamton, N.Y. Licensed Psychologist
Albert Rizzo PhD  1991  Gep Colletti University of Southern California Research Scientist and Research Assistant Professor
Robbi Saletsky PhD  1991  David Payne SUNY Upstate Medical University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services Associate Professor
Bruce A. Hubbard PhD  1990  Ian M. Evans Private practice, New York City Licensed Psychologist
Mitchell L. Schare PhD  1985  Stephen A. Lisman Hofstra University, Department of Psychology Professor and Director of Clinical Training
Jane E. Smith PhD  1985  Donald J. Levis University of New Mexico, Department of Psychology Professor and Chair
Danny G. Kaloupek PhD  1981  Donald J. Levis Boston University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Boston VA Healthcare System, National Center for PTSD Associate Professor and Deputy Director
Paul F. Malloy PhD  1981  Donald J. Levis Brown Medical School, Butler Hospital Professor, Director of Psychology and Associate Director of the Brown Psychology Training Consortium
Janet Kistner PhD  1980 Raymond G.  Romanczyk Florida State University, Department of Psychology Professor and Chair
Terence M. Keane PhD  1978  Stephen A. Lisman National Center for PSTD, Boston University School of Medicine Director, Behavioral Science Division and Professor and Vice Chairman for Research in Psychiatry

Last Updated: 8/11/14