Ann Merriwether

Instructor in Psychology

PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Phone: (607) 777-4579
Office: Science 4, room 122

Research Interests:

Sexual Socialization, Reproductive Health Attitudes, Body Image Development

Research Description:

Since I began teaching Psychology of Women and “The Psychology and Culture of Pregnancy Childbirth and Motherhood”, I have become interested in doing research concerning women's body image and reproductive health attitudes. During the last few years I have been collaborating with Monique Ward and Allison Caruthers to collect data on over 1,500 colleges students examining the intersection of body image, sexual socialization, reproductive health and media influences. More recently, in collaboration with Justin Garcia, we have looked at evolutionary explanations for sexual attitudes and behaviors in college students. 

Selected Publications:

Schooler, D., Ward, L. M., Merriwether, A., & Caruthers, A.  (2004).  Who's that girl: Television's role in the body image development of young White and
Black women. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 28, 38-47.
Schooler, D., Ward, L. M, Merriwether, A, and Allison Caruthers, A. (2005). Cycles of shame: Menstrual shame, body shame, and sexual decision-making. Journal of
Sex Research, 42, 324-334.
Smiler, A.P. Ward, L. M., Caruthers, A. & Merriwether, A. (2005).  Pleasure, empowerment and love: Factors associated with a positive first coitus. Sexuality
Research and Social Policy, 2, 41-55.
Ward, L. M., Merriwether, A., & Caruthers, A. (2006). Breasts are for men: Media use, masculinity ideology, and men’s beliefs about women’s bodies. Sex Roles,
55, 703-714.

Last Updated: 7/27/16