Stephen Lisman


Professor Emeritus

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor


Ph.D., Rutgers University
Internship: VA Hospitals, Lyons and East Orange, NJ
Post-doctoral fellowships: Fellowship in Behavior Therapy, SUNY-Stony Brook; Fellowship in Family Factors in Alcoholism, Center for Family Research, George Washington University Medical Center
Area: Clinical Psychology
Phone: 607-777-4929
Office: Science IV, Room 365

Professional Activities:

Private Practice of Clinical Psychology; Licensed Psychologist, NY, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology; Editorial Board: Journal of Psychopathology & Behavioral Assessment

Research Interests:

Alcoholism, alcohol and behavior, behavior therapy, psychopathology

Research Description:

In the Alcohol and Behavior Laboratory, most of our research has focused on alcohol and behavior interactions in social drinkers, especially in the areas of stress, expectancy, and cognition. Recent investigations involve laboratory-based studies of cue reactivity and self-regulation, and field-based studies of bar patrons.

Philosophy of Graduate Training:

Many of the projects undertaken in the Alcohol & Behavior Lab result from the social process that characterizes the generation of research ideas through regular lab meetings and collaboration. Studies completed reflect not only my own interests, but also how these interests are constantly molded by the input of graduate students.

Selected Publications:

Celio, M A., Vetter-O'Hagen, C. S., Lisman, S.A., Johansen, G.E, & Spear, L.P. (2011) Integrating field methodology and web-based data collection to assess the reliability of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 119, 142-144.

MacKillop, J., O’Hagen, S. Lisman, S. A., Murphy, J. G., Ray, L.,  McGeary, J. F., Tidey, J. W., Monti, P. M. (2010) Behavioral economic analysis of cue-elicited craving for alcohol. Addiction, 105, 1599-1607.

MacKillop, J. & Lisman, S.A. (2008). Effects of a context shift and multiple context extinction on reactivity to alcohol cues. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 16, 322-331.

Cahill, S. P., Gallo, L. A., Lisman, S. A., & Weinstein, A. (2006). Willing or Able? The meanings of self-efficacy. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 25, 196-209.

MacKillop, J., Lisman , S.A., & Ryabchenko, K.A. (2006). Life Skills Training and potential mechanisms in a community implementation: A preliminary investigation. Substance Use and Misuse, 41, 1921-1935.



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