Psychology Course Offerings

**Course offerings are subject to change without notice**

Students are responsible to determine if any of the courses below have required pre-requisites.  

Fall 2015 

Course #    Course Title    Instructor    Time    Notes
PSYC 111 (01)   General Psychology   Windsor   TR
PSYC 111 (02)   General Psychology   Strauss   TR
PSYC 112   Lab in General Psychology   Inhoff   (various)   * For non-majors
PSYC 220   Developmental Psychology (S)   Friedman   TR
PSYC 223   Behavior Disorders (S)   Midy   MWF 2:20-3:20    
PSYC 228   Social Psychology   Carter   TR
PSYC 243    Statistical Analysis & Design (M)   Morrissey   TR
PSYC 330   Drugs and Behavior (S)   Werner   MWF
PSYC 344   Research Methods (W) (LEC)   Windsor   MW 4:40-5:40pm    
PSYC 344   Research Methods (DIS)   Windsor   F 9:40-10:40am    
PSYC 344   Research Methods (DIS)    Windsor   F 4:40-5:40pm    
PSYC 344   Research Methods (LEC)   Miskovic   MW 2:20-3:20pm    
PSYC 344   Research Methods (DIS)    Miskovic   F 10:50-11:50 OR
F 2:20-3:20pm
PSYC 350   Human Memory   Westerman   TR 11:40-1:05    
PSYC 351   Experimental Psyc - Perception   Laszlo   TR 1:15-2:40    
PSYC 352   Lab in Perception   Laszlo   Various    
PSYC 355   Lab in Child Behavior (C,L)   Gillis/Romanczyk       *Must apply through the ICD
PSYC 357   Learning Lab (C,L)   Savage    Various   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 360   Psychotherapy: Models & Methods   Lynn    TR 1:15-2:40    
PSYC 362   Behavioral Neuroscience   Dilorenzo    TR 8:30-9:55    
PSYC 363   Behavioral Neuroscience Lab   Cameron    Various    *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 380B   Psychology of Racism   Wilton   W 1:40-4:40   
PSYC 380C   Psychology of Gender   Massey   TR 9:25-10:50    
PSYC 473A   The Diseased Brain (W)   Bishop   TR 8:30-9:55    *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473B   Comparative Psychology (W)   Morrissey   TR 1:15-2:40    *Check Prerequisites/Sections *IN-Approved
PSYC 473C   Industrial/Organizational Psyc (W)   Morrissey   TR 11:40-1:05   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 473D   Quantitative Classification (W)   Lenzenweger    MWF 10:50-11:50   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 473E   Narcissistic Personality/Patho (W)   Lenzenweger   MWF 9:40-10:40   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 473F   Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience    Van Petten    TR 4:25-5:50    *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473G   Limits of Attention   Windsor    TR 4:25-5:50    *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473H   Comparative Psychology   Morrissey   MWF 12:00-1:-00   *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473J   Hormones and Behavior (W)   Romero    TR 8:30-9:55    *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473K    Visualizing Data - Psyc Research   Inhoff    TR 10:05-11:30   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 473L   Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder   Diaz    TR 10:05-11:30    *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473N   Neurobiology of Stress   Deak    TR 8:30-9:55    *Check Prerequisites *IN-Approved
PSYC 473R   Psychology of Sex & Gender   Merriwether   TR 4:25-5:50   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 473S   Psych Assess & Decision Making   Harding   MW 6:00-7:30pm   *Check Prerequisites
PSYC 473W   Clinical Child Psychology   Friedman    TR 1:15-2:40   *Check Prerequisites
 PSYC 490G   Application of ABA    Romanczyk    M 7:40-9:00pm    *For ABA majors only
PSYC 490H   Advanced Practicum in ABA   Romanczyk   M 6:15-7:35pm   *For ABA majors only
PSYC 490I   Advanced Psychological Resrch   Romanczyk   M 7:35-9:00   *For ABA majors only
PSYC 493   Assess./Intervention/Eval. II   Gillis/Romanczyk   M 6:00-8:00   *For ABA majors only
PSYC 494   Assess./Intervention/Eval. II    Gillis/Romanczyk   M 6:00-8:00    *For ABA majors only


***List of Fall 2015 Electives (Math/science and Psychology; Highlighted courses are offered in the Fall)***

***Course offerings are subject to change without notice***


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