Budapest Study Abroad Opportunity

The Department of Public Administration at Binghamton University and the Department of Public Policy at Central European University have established a formal semester study abroad program for Binghamton University Masters of Public Administration students. Students will enroll for 12 credits during any semester and take twelve term credits in residence on the CEU campus in Budapest, Hungary. Students will have an option to extend their time in Europe by taking their required 300 hour MPA internship in a public or nonprofit organization in Europe. Central European University’s Department of Public Policy offers a challenging comparative and international curriculum on topics related to international public policy, comparative political institutions, decentralized governance and communications (see the Department’s webpage current courses).

Students enroll as visiting students for 12 credits during their study abroad semester at Central European University. Their courses will be determined by the offerings at CEU and their particular interests but the Department of Public Policy will provide a list of offered courses every August. The winter semester extends from the second week in January through the end of March.

Binghamton University MPA students will have an option to extend their European experience by conducting their required 300 hour summer semester internship in Europe. The Central European University will facilitate student’s placements, if they have participated in the semester abroad program. BU students will take their required BU Capstone course (and write their capstone project paper) in the following fall (or spring) semester based upon their European internships.

The required sequencing of the internship and capstone course essentially requires that students matriculating in the MPA program in a fall semester would enroll for the Budapest Study Abroad semester in the spring of their first academic year. If students delayed their enrollment to their second year, they probably would need to extend their MPA degree into the third year, enrolling in the capstone course in the third Fall.

Students may also enroll in the semester abroad program for the Fall semester which extends from the last week in September through mid-December.

Binghamton Masters in Public Administration students will be enrolled as visiting students at Central European University. Students will be expected to enroll in 12 credits of study at CEU which will transfer as 12 credits in Binghamton University. Students will register for 12 study abroad program credits at Binghamton University and the Office of International Programs would transfer program costs to Central European University, after withholding an administrative fee. This arrangement will allow the courses taken in Budapest to appear on the Binghamton University transcript and allow students to receive financial aid for their study abroad courses.

Students interested in the Budapest Study Abroad Program should speak with Professor Sinclair: 

Last Updated: 8/5/16