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Requesting an Intern

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It is recommended that stipends be provided to graduate student interns for the valuable contributions they make to the organization. When available, stipends for graduate students range from $1,500 to $4,000, with an average of about $3,000.

Supervising an Intern

Throughout the internship, the student's Site Supervisor provides guided supervision that fosters the development of the student's public administration skill set. Detailed information and guidelines have been developed to help in the supervision process:

Required Forms

The site supervisor is expected to participate in the submission of the following required forms:

• The Memorandum of Understanding (prior to the internship start date) (.pdf, 16KB)
• The Mid-Semester Assessment Form (contact initiated by Internship Coordinator) (.pdf, 55KB)
• The Final Evaluation Form (near end and shared with intern) (.pdf, 77KB)

Internships and Capstone Projects

The Site Supervisor also participates in the student's Capstone Project. During this project, the student will address an organizational problem identified in conjunction with the supervisor during the internship period.

After completion of the internship, there is often a period of one semester or 4-5 months before the student begins the Capstone Seminar (most likely if the student completes an internship during the summer). During this time, it is expected that the student and supervisor maintain contact and continue to discuss ideas for the Capstone Project. The Capstone topic must be approved by both the Site Supervisor and the Capstone Instructor. The Site Supervisor is expected to help facilitate the study and data collection process for the student throughout the Capstone Seminar course semester. It is critical that the Site Supervisor play an active role throughout this process to maximize the project's benefit to the organization.

As a member of the student's Capstone Committee, the Site Supervisor (or designated agency official) will be expected to review and evaluate the progress of the student's capstone project. 


Intern request form (doc., 44kb)
Supervision guidelines (.pdf)

Last Updated: 8/8/16