Thomas Sinclair

Thomas Sinclair

Associate Professor

Office: (607) 777-9200
Office Location: University Downtown Center, Room 337

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Thomas Sinclair (Associate Professor of Public Administration) serves on the Board of Directors for New York State Political Science Association and the Binghamton Youth Symphony Orchestra and has worked with local governments and nonprofit organizations on numerous projects. His research interests include local government performance management and the constitutional and administrative structures of local government; transparency of local government budgeting and administrative systems; and comparative administrative theory and practice. Dr. Sinclair was the first administrator of what has become the longest running parliamentary development project in Ukraine and has participated in legislative consulting activities on oversight and committee operations in both Eastern Europe and Africa. Currently, he is actively involved in international efforts with Shenzhen University in China. Dr. Sinclair earned his PhD in Public Policy from Indiana University.

Last Updated: 7/24/14