Philanthropy Incubator

Binghamton University's College of Community and Public Affairs formed the Philanthropy Incubator as a vehicle for students in the Master's programs in Social Work and Public Administration to engage with the South Central New York community through philanthropy. The Philanthropy Incubator bridges the classroom and the community by encouraging students to reflect and act upon the ways in which philanthropic and non-profit organizations can meet community needs. Furthermore, we seek to support organizations that have served our students as sources of knowledge and mentorship through field placements and internships. Through the Philanthropy Incubator we pursue collaboration with organizations to meet real community needs, while providing students with a critical opportunity to develop practical skills that will contribute to their development as future community leaders.

Faculty member David Campbell established the Philanthropy Incubator in 2008 to cultivate habits of philanthropy among Binghamton University students. The program provides students with grant money to distribute to local nonprofit organizations as part of course work in which they learn about philanthropy and the essential role nonprofit organizations play in building vibrant communities. The grantmaking experience contributes to undergraduate students' preparation for engaged citizenship and to graduate students' preparation as public service professionals.

Last Updated: 8/5/16